Metal objects from pockets

Last updated 01/06/2022 06:01

Make sure to empty all pockets before washing and use a laundry bag when needed

Time: 1 min

The reason for rust on the drum is that foreign objects made of iron have been in the machine and created a coating of rust.

Rust on the drum can be avoided by following the instructions.

  • Ensure you remove all metal items from your laundry.
  • Button up cushion covers, close zips, attach hooks, and lock snap fasteners. Do up belts.
  • Empty pockets and unfold clothing.
  • Use a laundry bag to wash small and/or delicate items (e.g. underwired bras, belts).

Hard metal objects left in the wash, such as coins, belt buckles or metal buttons, can hit a glass door at high speed during the spinning phase and damage it.