Which detergent is best to use in my washing machine?

Last updated 08/12/2022 07:01

You can use any detergent form you like in your AEG washing machine. Some of our technologies work well with particular detergent types to get the best results.

Okomix/Powercare will premix your detergent before it is released through the clothes, giving you more even coverage and avoiding concentrated patches which can damage your clothes. This works with liquid detergents.

Autodose measures out the correct amount of detergent and fabric conditioner for the load you are washing. This works with liquid.

Universal Dose is a drawer designed to pre-mix tabs in a similar way to Okomix- this allows you to activate them 60% faster than placing them in the drum. This also avoids concentrated spots of detergent. This also works with liquid and powder.

Detergent typeOKOMix/PowerCareAutoDoseUniversal Dose
Liquid DetergentYESYESYES
Powder Detergent



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