Blockages - steam arm, no froth, no water or no steam generated

Last updated 09/04/2020 13:23


Blockages - Steam arm - no froth, no water or no steam generated

Applies to

Freestanding coffee machines with steam arm.


  • Consumer to remove the steam wand from below the rubber holder and run some air and water through
  • Find the small pin-sized hole on the side of the steam arm and ensure this is clear. 
    • If not, clear the blockage in the air hole with a pin
  • Ensure steam light is illuminated and steady when you require steam from the steam arm 
  • When water is required – ensure the steam light is not illuminated – only the coffee dosage button(s) should be lit
  • If the appliance has not been descaled – the consumer must descale the appliance 
  • The steam arm is require that after every use, is to be wiped and for the steam dial to be rotated to send steam through for a few seconds to keep the tube hygienic and prevent blockages occurring – this process is called ‘purging’