An error message is displayed on the robotic vacuum cleaner

Last updated 10/08/2023 07:50


  • An error message is displayed on the robotic vacuum cleaner
  • The robotic vacuum cleaner stops and displays an error

Applies to

  • Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Series:
    • RX9
    • RX 9.2


When an error occurs, the robot stops vacuuming. The warning symbol flashes on the display and the indication "E:" and the error code appear. An error voice message is also emitted. To listen to the error voice message again, press any button.

After removing the cause of the error, press the Start/Pause button to start vacuuming.

Note: The full list of error codes and solutions is below

All error messages displayed by the vacuum cleaner will also be visible in the application.

ProblemError code
The robot does not move/clean properly.
The bumper is locked.
Make sure the bumper can move freely and remove any debris that may be blocking it.
The right wheel is blocked.
Check that all parts rotate freely. If necessary, clean the components and remove tangled fibres from them. Replace the rotating brush or side brush if damaged.
The left wheel is blocked.
The rotating brush is blocked.
The side brush is blocked.
The robot is blocked or cannot find its way.
Pick up the robot and place it where it can move freely.
The windows of the 3D Vision system are covered or dirty.
Clean the windows of the 3D Vision system and make sure nothing is blocking the field of view.
The robot is moving on a surface that is too slippery.
Place the robot and the charging station in a new place and start cleaning again.

The dust container is full or clogged.
Empty and/or clean the dust container.
Battery problems
You are using the not-supported charging station.
Only use the Electrolux charging station supplied with the robot. If you need to replace your charging station, purchase an AEG charging station
Incorrect operation of the batteries during the operation of the device..
Replace 2 batteries.
The device temperature is too high.
Stop the robot and leave it outside the charging station for 6 hours.
The batteries are not properly connected to the robot.
Connect the batteries to the robot.
Software problem
The software is not working properly.
Update the robot software.
The software update failed.
Perform the software update again.
Service intervention required

Contact an authorized AEG service centre.
System error
Internal error.

Remove and reconnect the batteries. Restart the appliance


For other issues, check the Troubleshooting section of the AEG app

If the problem persists, we recommend contacting AEG Customer Care

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