My Cordless Ergorapido vacuum cleaner stops after a short time, lights flashing

Last updated 26/06/2020 15:14


  • My Ergorapido/Shiva cordless vacuum cleaner stops after a short time, lights flashing or stops working

Applies to

  • Cordless vacuum cleaners CX7, CX9, QX8, FX9 families 


1.Disconnect the handset from the body of the vacuum and try again.


2.If the vacuum cleaner now runs longer or no longer stops, check the following:


Check that the dust container is empty and that the paper filter has been cleaned. If the filter is worn or otherwise damaged, you can order a new one from our webshop.



Although the Brushroll cleaning feature is used as needed, the brush may need to be inspected and cleaned manually.
 - Check if lint and hair block the brush and thus prevent it from rotating.


 3.If the above does not solve the problem, we recommend that you contact customer service on 03445 611 611 to help you solve the problem.


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