POWER HYGIENIC 8000 active mopping

Last updated 28/03/2023 13:36


  • How do I use the mopping function on my 8000 Series Cordless Vacuum Cleaner?
  • How to add water for mopping?
  • What water to use for mopping?
  • What detergents should be used in the 8000 cordless vacuum cleaner?

Applies to

  • AEG 8000 cordless vacuum cleaners
  • AEG Hygienic 8000 AP81B25WET


Below you will find some tips on using the active mopping function in the POWER HYGIENIC 8000 cordless vacuum cleaner:

  1. To pour water into the tank, open it by lifting the rubber plug.
  2. Do not pour carbonated water into the tank. Tap water and filtered water, at a temperature not higher than room temperature, are suitable.
  3. We recommend using a small amount of detergent. The mixture should not contain any lumps, nor should it be too thick as this can make dosing difficult as well as create a large amount of foam which is difficult to remove.
  4. After cleaning the floor, pour clean water into the tank in order to remove the remnants of the used detergent from the floor.
  5. Depending on the amount of detergent used and the degree of soiling of the mopping pads, it is worth rinsing them before proceeding to the stage of removing detergent residues.
  6. Do not use detergents for washing (full list in the instruction manual):
    1. highly corrosive,
    2. flammable,
    3. toxic,
    4. explosives,
    5. dangerous for the environment,
    6. dangerous to health.

For more details and tips, please refer to the manual of your vacuum cleaner.

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