Stick vacuum cleaner has reduced or no suction power

Last updated 04/01/2022 13:55


    Stick vacuum cleaner has reduced or no suction power

Applies to:

    Stick vacuum cleaner


1. Clean or wash the filters and put them back. Filters should be cleaned at least once a month to maintain them

Replace the filters if necessary.

You can purchase new filters in our Webshop by clicking here

2. Remove the dust container and check the air channel and air inlet in the dust container to see if something is stuck.

3. Remove Floor nozzle and check if something is stuck in the nozzle.

4. Remove Floor nozzle and check if something got stuck in the hose. 

If so use a stick to remove the obstacle.

If your vacuum has a brush bar check that this is clear. Brush bars will very quickly clog up if residents in your household have long hair.

Note: The warranty does not cover any damage to the hose caused by cleaning it.

The driver belt (if your vacuum has one) may be worn or broken, these are easy to replace and can be ordered from our Webshop by clicking here. You should use your PNC to ensure you are buying the correct belt.


    Filters / Nose Cone is dirty or missing

    Air Channel / Cyclon is blocked

    Floor nozzle is blocked

    Hose is blocked

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