Stick vacuum cleaner stops or does not start

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  • Cordless vacuum cleaner stops or does not start
  • Cordless vacuum cleaner is not working
  • The vacuum cleaner turned off during usage, what to do next?

Applies to

  • Cordless vacuum cleaners (all models)


Possible Causes:

  • The brush roller is blocked
  • The dust container is full and / or the filters are clogged/dirty - the vacuum cleaner might be overheated
  • The battery is empty (last LED blinking)
  • Defective model

A few things you can check to try and solve:

Please refer to the user manual for detailed information on the maintenance of your specific model. The user manual can be downloaded HERE

1. Turn off the vacuum cleaner - then check if the nozzle, tube, hose or filters are blocked and / or dirty.

Take out the filters from the dust container and empty the contents into a dustbin.

When the dust container is not cleaned regularly this will lead to clogging, which will affect the dust pickup and stress the fan motor.

To protect the motor not getting damaged, a protection function is activated and switches off the vacuum cleaner.

The filters must be cleaned at regular intervals to ensure a high cleaning performance.

Please refer to the model-specific maintenance guides:

Cordless vacuum cleaner maintenance (AEG Ultimate 8000 / Hygienic 8000 / Animal 8000 series)

Cordless vacuum cleaner maintenance (AEG Ultimate 7000 / Hygienic 7000 / Animal 7000 series)

Cordless vacuum cleaner maintenance (AEG QX6/QX7/QX8, AEG 5000 series)

Cordless vacuum cleaner maintenance (AEG Clean 6000 / Hygienic 6000 / Animal 6000 series)

2. Clean and remove entangled hair, threads and fibres from the brush roll

Use a pair of scissors to remove threads etc. Reassemble the brush roll, making sure it can spin freely.

3. Possible overheat - Let the product cool down for a minimum of 2 hours on the charging stand before starting it again.

4. Fully charge the vacuum cleaner.

Time to full charge may vary from model to model. Please refer to the user manual.

5. If the vacuum cleaner is not charging, check for possible electrical problems:

  • Check that the charging cable is connected to the mains.
  • Check that the plug and cable are not damaged.
  • Check for a blown fuse.

If the vacuum cleaner still does not work, contact an authorized AEG service centre.

When contacting the AEG service centre, ensure that you have the following data available:

  • Model number,
  • PNC number
  • Serial number

The information can be found on the rating plate.

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