The electric brush lighting of the upright vacuum cleaner does not work

Last updated 14/11/2023 08:56


  • The vacuum cleaner's electric brush diodes go out or blink
  • BrushRollClean function does not work
  • The brush does not rotate
  • The electric brush of the upright vacuum cleaner does not work

Applies to

  • Cordless vacuum cleaners


1. Remove the electric brush shaft according to the user's manual. Download the user manual

2. Manually remove snagged and tangled fibers using scissors or tweezers (be careful not to damage the bristles on the roller).

How to clean an electric brush - examples

models QX6, QX7

models Clean 5000, Animal 5000, Hygienic 5000

ULTIMATE 8000, ANIMAL 8000, HYGIENIC 8000 models

ULTIMATE 7000, ANIMAL 7000, HYGIENIC 7000 models

We recommend cleaning the electric brush once a month to avoid potential faults and ensure optimal operation of the vacuum cleaner.

If the light and the BrushRollClean function do not work after reinstalling the roller, contact our Consumer Care Centre


  • If too many fibers are caught in the electro brush shaft, they may interfere with the operation of the appliance - in this case, the visible symptoms are the diodes in the vacuum cleaner's soleplate going out, and the electric brush not making any sound (only the operation of the vacuum cleaner's engine can be heard). Releasing the electric brush roller by cleaning it allows the device to continue working without interruption
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