The vacuum cleaner bag is not fitted properly or the lid cannot close

Last updated 29/05/2023 12:04


  • The vacuum cleaner is dirty in the bag compartment
  • The vacuum cleaner bag jumped on my vacuum cleaner
  • The lid of my vacuum cleaner can't close

Applies to

  • Bagged vacuum cleaner


Check the bag location and always use only original vacuum bags for best results and durability.

If there is dust in the bag compartment, the vacuum bag is placed incorrectly in the holder or an incorrect bag is used (not the original bag).
This can be checked by removing the hose, and then you should be able to see all the way into the bag otherwise it is not sealed properly.
Normally, the bag lid will be difficult to close if no bag is fitted or if it is not sealed properly.
Here is an example where the bag is fitted incorrectly: 

Bag issue:

If the vacuum cleaner bag breaks or has been in the wrong position for a long time, the machine should be inspected by a technician, otherwise, there is a risk that the motor will wear out in a short time. 

Lid not closing:

The lid on my vacuum cleaner can't close because the clip is broken

if the above does not solve the problem, we recommend that you contact our customer service on 0 3445 611 611  who can help you.


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