Your guide to vacuum attachments

Last updated 12/12/2022 14:08

Ever wonder what all those brushes are for that come with your vacuum cleaner? Well, say hello to your new best friends as they are designed to make light work of many common household cleaning tasks. 

AEG 3-in-1 tool

Some of our vacuum cleaners come with a single tool. But don't be alarmed - it's the Swiss army knife of vacuum accessories. It boasts three tools in one - a dusting tool, a crevice tool and even folds out into a fabric tool. Giving you all the attachments you need to keep your home spotless. But what are they for?

Dusting tool

Let's start with the dusting tool. This is the perfect attachment to reach some of those more awkward areas. With its soft bristles it is ideal to remove dust from windowsills, lampshades, skirting boards etc. You can also use it to dust furniture and other items or objects that easily scratch. 

Crevice tool

As you might have guessed by the name, the crevice tool is designed to get into tight gaps where other attachments simply can't reach. It's ideal for cleaning in corners, around radiators and even between sofa cushions. 

Fabric tool

The fabric tool will help your upholstery looking like new. With its built-in plush-strip it will lift dust, dirt and hairs from all textile surfaces.

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