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The AEG starter kit is specially designed for your UltraFlex vacuum cleaner. Thanks to this kit, you have all you need to refresh and maintain your new UltraFlex vacuum cleaner.


To maintain the performance of your cleaner

The fine dust filter protects the motor of your cleaner from dust particles in the dust container. To maintain the performance of your UltraFlex we recommend that you wash the filter regularly. Changing the filter regularly will provide your cleaner with high airflow and strong suction power.

AEG - Kit - AUSK11

Captures even the very finest particles of pollen

The Hygiene washable filter captures even the finest particles of pollen, mould spores, dust mite faeces and allergens. To ensure the performance of your cleaner, we recommend you to wash this Hygiene filter when you notice it has become visibly soiled.

AEG - Kit - AUSK11

Refreshing fragrance of Crispy Bamboo

s-fresh® crispy bamboo releases a delicate but distinctly crisp and clean scent throughout your home every time you vacuum. Easy to use, simply open the sachet and scatter the granules on the floor and then vacuum up. We recommend using one sachet of air freshener per bag change.

Safety advice

Safety advice for s-fresh crispy bamboo: Keep out of the reach of children. Avoid contact with eyes.

AEG - Kit - AUSK11


This starter kit contains one washable fine dust filter, one Hygiene filter washable and 4 s-fresh® crispy bamboo sachets.


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