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This bagless vacuum cleaner is built to use less energy and features an effective dust filtering system. Great cleaning performance for a clean home, every single time.


AEG - Bagless Cylinders - LX5-2-4DB

Air-tight and energy-efficient

The LX5 vacuum cleaner has an air-tight design. This minimises the energy required for highly effective cleaning.

AEG - Bagless Cylinders - LX5-2-4DB

Filtered for great performance

LX5’s 4-step system effectively separates dust particles for powerful cleaning performance. The filters last longer, and the need to replace or clean them is minimised.

AEG - Bagless Cylinders - LX5-2-4DB

More power for longer

The new LX5 design combines longevity with great performance. Vacuum for twice* as long at high performance without having to regularly empty the container. *Compared with LX5-1 on clogging performance and suction power.

AEG - Bagless Cylinders - LX5-2-4DB

Made with more capacity

The high-capacity dust container can store up to 1.8 litres, so it requires emptying less often. Single button release to carefully dispose your dust in an effortless way.

AEG - Bagless Cylinders - LX5-2-4DB

Large wheels for enhanced stability

The large rotary wheels on the LX5 vacuum cleaner improve stability around the home.



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