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Easy-to-use, ergonomic and effective. The 5000 Cordless Cleaner provides no-compromise results. With a  detachable hand unit and accessories, it's quick and effortless every time you clean. All models are made sustainably with recycled plastic.* ​
*Recycle plastic content in % varies from 64-74% across AEG 5000 cordless cleaner models.


Clean every surface easily and effectively.

Our cordless cleaner provides effective cleaning results on dust, hair, and fine particles on any surface.

Clean more. With long-lasting performance.*

The new dust bin design ensures that even as more particles are collected, long-lasting performance* is assured without clogging.

*Maintains 99% of initial cleaning performance as the dust bin fills up acc to IEC 62885-2 edition 1.0: 5.1, 5.7 & 5.9 on max power setting 

Convenient detachable handheld unit for quick cleaning.

For quick, easy cleaning. A detachable handheld unit helps you move from floors to hard-to-reach places without breaking stride.

Up to 45minutes cleaning time.* With one charge.

No need to stop. Now you can clean for up to 45minutes * with one charge

*​Internal tests on handheld unit at min speed mode acc to IEC 62885-4 where stick is turned on in min speed mode. Handheld unit is taken out and measurement is made on handheld unit.​

Easily cut and remove hair from the brush-roll

Say goodbye to tangled hair without touching them with your hands. Simply push the Brush Roll Clean button with your foot, and a cutter knife cuts tangled hair from the brushroll for easy maintainance.



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