AEG - Vacuum Cleaner - VX8-4-CR-A

AeroPro™ Mini Turbo brush & AeroPro™ Parketto Pro for various surfaces

Easily remove pet fur from fabrics or furniture with the AeroPro™ mini turbo. And clean hard floors in a simple swipe with the AeroPro™ Parketto Pro.

AEG - Vacuum Cleaner - VX8-4-CR-A

S-bag™ Anti-odour

The special anti-odour dust bag will absorb unpleasant smells and your vacuum will re-emit fresh and clean air.

AEG - Vacuum Cleaner - VX8-4-CR-A

Multi-Room System™ with 12m reach and ergonomic design

Light and easy to maneuver around furniture and corners. With a range of 12m so you won't need to switch plugs as often. And with easy-access control buttons, asteady telescopic aluminium tube and soft rubber wheels – VX8 makes cleaning a pleasure.

AEG - Vacuum Cleaner - VX8-4-CR-A

FlowMotion™ Nozzle for an even quieter efficient clean

Our FlowMotion™ Nozzle guarantees an even lower noise level when vacuuming. Thanks to VX8's aerodynamic design and the deep cleansing nozzle, you'll get efficient and powerful vacuuming without the high noise level.

AEG - Vacuum Cleaner - VX8-4-CR-A

Motion Control System™ for soft and easy maneuvrability

For a controlled, seamless transition between rooms, the Motion Control System™ allows for stable movements, smooth turning and dynamic traction.

Tech specification

Key specification
  • Noise level, dB(A): 58
  • Max nominal wattage motor, W: 750/650
  • Average annual energy consumption, kWh: 24.4
  • Energy class: A
  • Carpet cleaning performance class: B
  • Hardfloor cleaning performance class: A
  • Dust re-emission class: A
  • 68 dB(A) – quieter than you think: A reduction of 3 dB(A) means that the intensity of the sound (sound pressure, as an engineer would say) is halved. So, the sound level of the UltraSilencer is actually halved compared to the vacuum cleaners which up to now were the quietest on the market – their noise levels measuring 71 dB(A).
  • Extremely silent: At only 58 dB(A) this is one of the most silent vacuum cleaners on the market.
  • AeroPro aluminium telescopic tube: Aluminium light weight tube with large cross section for optimal air flow. Wide and smooth air tight channels to maximize performance and minimise noise.
  • Side angled brushes for edge cleaning
  • AeroPro Ergo handle: The special design of the ergonomic handle gives you better control and is easier on your wrists. The grip is slimmer than an ordinary vacuum cleaner’s and has a soft surface.
  • AeroPro 3-in-1 tool: The small nozzle has no less than three functions. It features a brush, crevice nozzle and an upholstery nozzle – all in one handy tool. Since you can easily stow it away in the vacuum cleaner, it’s always at hand.
  • S-bag™ classic long performance: Dust bag which cloggs less. This means continued high suction power even when the bag is filled up. the STANDARD dust bag. It’s so simple – just remember s-bag®! Check where you can buy your s-bags on
  • Dustbag Full Indicator: Small display on the vacuum cleaner indicating when it's time to change bags.
  • Electronic indicator: The electronic indicator automatically tells you when the dust bag and the filter need to be changed. This guarantees you the highest, most consistent cleaning performance at all times.
  • Soft wheels: Soft wheels and bumper for extended silence
  • Noise level, dB(A): 58
  • Colour: Chili Red
  • Cleaner's weight (in kg): 5.9
  • Average annual energy consumption, kWh: 24.4
  • Energy class: A
  • Carpet cleaning performance class: B
  • Hardfloor cleaning performance class: A
  • Dust re-emission class: A
  • PNC: 900 940 363
  • Other: None
  • Bagtype/Liter: 3,5, s-bag classic long performance
  • Action Radius: 12
  • Non-integrated accessories: Aeropro 3in1
  • Integrated accessories: None
  • Dustbag supplied: 1+1
  • Dust capacity (l): 3,5


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Tolles Gerät

by Kay on 30 November 2018

Schön leise und gute Saugleistung. Wirft keinen Staub aus und riecht auch nicht, im Gegensatz zu unserem alten Staubsauger.

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