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  • Take Taste Further

    Take Taste Further

    Achieve excellence in every step of the
    cooking process.

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Claim Cashback on Selected Appliances

Claim up to £200 Cashback on selected AEG appliances this Spring.

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red silk pinned on a piece of card

Care more

Learn how to care more for your clothes, and help change fashion's throwaway culture.

Explore Care with AEG

ProSource Image

AEG ProSource Instant Boiling Water

The new AEG ProSource is a stylish 3-in-1 kitchen tap with an Instant Boiling system. 

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The ÖKOMix Washing Machine

The pashmina you love will stay soft for longer.

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ProCombi Steam Oven

Find out how our state-of-the-art kitchen innovations fine-tune the flavour and texture of your food. 

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