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Cooking With AEG

When you cook with an AEG oven, expect advanced technology, smart design and a huge range of features that do much more than just control time and temperature. With this short buying guide we’ll help you find your ideal oven, and then show you how to get the best performance possible.

Choosing An Oven

AEG ovens are engineered to integrate seamlessly with your kitchen environment, giving you the flexibility to choose based on things like what types of dishes you enjoy making the most – steamed, baked, grilled? Or how much room is available in your kitchen – compact for smaller kitchens, full size for spacious open plan living.


AEG ovens have high performance design built-in, with unrivalled form, function and features.   All our appliances offer outstanding performance, versatility and reliability with stylish aesthetics to enhance your kitchen design.

Perfectly clean

AEG self-cleaning ovens are second to none!

Our heat activated catalytic liners absorb the grease from cooking and is activated by regular heating to 220°C. The grease residue is oxidised leaving the catalytic surface clean.

The AEG Pyrolux cleaning feature uses the latest technology to clean the oven itself, a perfect time saver.  Once the Pyroluxe setting has been selected, the oven heats to 500°C and burns off even the most stubborn residues, leaving only a light ash which can simply be wiped away.

On our Multifunction Steam Oven there is a special preset cleaning programme, which helps eliminate the need for commercial oven cleaners. Simply wipe out after the programme ends.


Features you’ll love

The AEG range of ovens deliver the ultimate in style and performance, combining stylish, award winning design with truly advanced technology, here are just some of the features available:

Extra large capacity:
MaxiKlasse™ ovens provide up to 30% more internal space than our previous models, while being no bigger in size on the outside. 74L in volume.

ThermiC° hot air cooking:
Our new exclusive ThermiC° hot air cooking technology in our MaxiKlasse™ oven range ensures precise heat circulation and exact temperature control.  The result is perfect cooking in evert corner. On any shelf. In any position.

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