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Fridge freezers



Slow down time

Every serious cook wants to use the best-tasting and finest quality ingredients possible, to ensure that every dish turns out perfectly.

Our freestanding Profresh and built-in PerfefktFit™ coolers offer the professional technology that assures superior preservation. Twintech™ NoFrost cooling technology maintains your refrigerated food’s moisture and vitamin content, keeping it looking and tasting fresher for longer. Meanwhile, the independently- cooled freezer stays frost-free, avoiding lengthy defrosting.

A Fresh Approach

Fresh food, full of flavour and nutrients, is essential both for serious cooking and for our health. The Neue Kollecktion’s ProFresh fridge-freezer has two independent circuits cooling the refrigerator and freezer compartments separately. This keeps the freezer free of frost while maintaining the refrigerated food’s natural moisture.

Choose your own

One size doesn’t fit all when it comes to keeping food fresh. With the Neue Kollektion’s PerfektFit™ you can choose from a suite of combinations to fit your own needs precisely. And whatever your choice, you’ll have a stunning iconic design that will be perfectly aligned with the rest of your kitchen furniture.

Stable Temperature and Humidity

The new ProFresh Plus fridge- freezers feature advanced MultiAir Flow technology. This controls and maintains extremely stable temperature and humidity conditions throughout the entire compartment. So you can be confident that food will remain fresh wherever you store it. And that every time you open your refrigerator, optimal conditions will be restored immediately.

Fresher for longer

For food to stay at the peak of freshness conditions must be precisely right – and what’s perfect for one food isn’t right for another. For the PerfektFit™ range our solution, based on years of research, is LongFresh. LongFresh storage drawers can be set individually to create conditions ideal for their contents. Meat, cheese and fish, for example, are best kept at 0 ̊c with low humidity, while salad, fresh vegetables and fruit will keep best in high humidity.

Energy efficiency

Our high-performing technology saves energy too. A++ models use up to 45% less energy than a standard A-class appliance, while our new generation fridge freezer uses up to 60% less. Plus, all our fridges and freezers are 100% CFC and HFC free. This means they cause no harm to the ozone layer and do not contribute to the greenhouse effect.


When large amounts of fresh food have to be rapidly brought down to the optimum storage temperature, a press of the button does the trick. An additional chill reserve is activated when large quantities of fresh food are placed in the fridge.


Rapid freezing is convenient and economical. The Frostmatic function activates the maximum freezing temperature, allowing large quantities of fresh food to freeze down quickly - better maintaining the food’s quality and appearance.

Precise control, at a touch

Neue Kollektion fridges and freezers now feature advanced LCD displays with touch control, allowing you to set temperature and features precisely and instantly. Plus, with bright LED lighting, you’ll find crisp, contemporary illumination inside.

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