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Cooker hoods

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Power In Versatility

Our cooker hoods are individually designed to compliment any kitchen and coordinate perfectly with AEG hobs and ovens. We offer a wider variety than ever, from unique designer hoods to stylish chimney and island hoods, all with powerful yet whisper-quiet functionality to clear your kitchen of cooking odours smoothly and efficiently.

The Importance of Style

Whether you prefer to be discreet or to make a bold statement in the kitchen, we can help you choose a cooker hood that suits your style. The possibilities are almost infinite; with wall-mounted or island, touch, button or slider controls, a variety of performance modes, filters, colours, finishes, and more.

Under the Hood

The best performance depends on location and functionality. Near an external wall, Extraction is preferable to expel the drawn-in air through a ducting system that keeps the surrounding area odour-free. If external ducting is not practicable, Recirculation uses charcoal filters to draw in the air, clean it, and send it back out again.

Peaceful Performance

AEG hoods maintain a peaceful cooking experience from the moment you start. If you live in a house, not a flat, install the hood’s motor close to the roof for quiet operation, even at maximum speed. Some of our models are insulated with a special noise-reducing material, making the noise level even lower, but never less powerful.

The Influence of Light.

The right lighting not only gives you crucial illumination while you cook, it sets a certain mood for your kitchen environment.

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