Tumble Dryers

Tailored drying for absolute care


To get the best drying, your tumble dryer needs to understand that no two fabrics have the same needs. Each cycle has to be different. In the unique AbsoluteCare® System, each fabric gets their own intelligent drum movements and tailored temperatures. This bespoke drying is the key to getting the ultimate care for your clothes.

No shrinkage, guaranteed

Dry your most delicate wool in confidence with our Woolmark accredited dryers. Woolmark are the world's leading authority on wool. They've tested our machines and found them to safely dry even hand wash only wool. Unlike other dryers, our machines lay wool flat against the drum, just like flat drying. This prevents shrinkage, guaranteeing the best possible care for your wool.


OptiSense Condenser Dryer

T76280AC - RRP £399

OptiSense system's intelligent humidity sensors ensure lowest energy consumption whatever the load.

Dry clothes in almost perfect silence. Silent System Plus ensures a minimum of noise – a record low of 57 dB on the Extra Silent cycle 

HeatPump Dryer

T75380AH2 - RRP £499

HeatPump technology allows your clothes to be dried at a lower temperature, ensuring safe and gentle drying with lower energy consumption. 

ÖKOFlow System in this tumble dryers high-efficiency filter system. With only one filter to clean, it's easy to keep the air flow high and energy consumption low.

AbsoluteCare HeatPump Dryer

T88595IS - RRP £799

HeatPump technology allows your clothes to be dried at a lower temperature, ensuring safe and gentle drying with lower energy consumption.

ProSteam makes use of steam technology to quickly, naturally and safely refresh and de-wrinkle all your clothes, even delicates and dry-clean-only garments.

AbsoluteCare® System

Dry even your most delicate garments in confidence with the AbsoluteCare® System.

The control panel of an AbsoluteCare® System heat pump dryer

Dry silk with absolute care

Tumble dry your silk in an AbsoluteCare® System heat pump dryer. Its unique silk cycle has tailored drum motions and temperatures to ensure the best care for your garments. So you can dry with absolute confidence and care more for your favourite clothes.

Never over-dry

Whatever the size of your load, OptiSense always ensures the best possible results for your clothes. Smart sensors automatically adjust the cycle length to your load. So smaller loads mean shorter cycles. This guarantees the quickest drying time possible, while still treating your clothes to the gentle care they deserve.

Refresh, renew, revitalise

Revitalise and refresh your clothes in just 15 minutes with our ProSteam technology. The gentle steam cycle de-creases fabrics and absorbs odours. This keeps garments looking and feeling their best between washes. It even reduces the need for ironing. So your most delicate clothes come out fresh, smooth and looking their best when you need them

The AEG inverter motor

Ultra long life

Powered by our inverter motor, our tumble dryers are built to last with a 10 year warranty. Designed for ultra long life, it doesn't use brushes like other motors. This improves performance, reduces noise and increases durability.