Washer Dryers

Twice the performance, half the space

AEG washer dryers use DualSense technology to offer the best washing and drying in one convenient package. So wave goodbye to hand washing and flat drying because you can wash and dry even delicates and your hand-wash only woollens. It's the same technology that makes our separate machines so good. It can now simply fit in one machine.

The display panel of the OKOKombi Plus

Washed, dried, cared for

It's never been so effortless to have your clothes washed, dried and ready to wear. With ÖKOKombi Plus, you can take your clothes from the washing basket to the wardrobe in just one cycle. At the touch of a button you can wash and dry up to 6kg (around 24 shirts). And with our heat pump technology, your clothes aren't just cleaned or dried, they're cared for at lower and safer temperatures.

A diagram of a plug socket indicating the amount of energy you can save with an AEG washer dryer

Maximum efficiency, minimal energy

AEG washer dryers have lots of ways of saving you energy. Our heat pump models are up to 40% more efficient by only using air during drying. Other washer dryers use water in the drying phase to condense humidity from your clothes. And OptiSense cares for your clothes by adjusting the washing and drying time to your load. So you never over wash, over dry or over use energy.

Woolmark certified

With AEG washer dryers you can safely wash and dry even your most delicate woollens.

The control panel of an AEG ÖKOKombi Plus washer dryer

Safely wash and dry

Our washer dryers are the first on the market that can safely wash and dry your hand wash only wool. But don't just take our word for it. Woolmark, the world's leading authority on wool care, has certified that ours can do both with their Blue care label. So you can wash and dry even your finest woollen garments with confidence.

Every wash cared for

Keep colours bold, textures smooth and energy bills down. With OptiSense technology you’ll never over-wash or over-dry clothes. It automatically detects the size of your load and ensures the most efficient wash and dry possible. To save energy and protect your clothes, the cycle stops as soon as your clothes are ready. This keeps them looking and feeling their best and helps you save money.

Refresh, renew, revitalise

Professional laundries use steam to make worn clothes look and feel like new again. And now you can enjoy the same technology in the comfort of your own home. In just 30 minutes our washer dryers' steam programme relaxes fibres and removes odours. It even reduces the need for ironing. So that special shirt or designer dress can enjoy a new lease of life between washes.

The AEG inverter motor

1 motor, 10 years of service

For reliability cycle after cycle, we test every one of our washer dryers for hours of continuous use. As well as quiet and energy-efficient, our inverter motor is one of the most durable with a 10 year guarantee. It doesn't use brushes like regular motors which reduces noise, wear and vibration. So your washer dryer will offer high performance at low decibels for years to come.