A truly connected home

Our vision for a connected home is an internet of things (IoT) where products can communicate with each other regardless of brand or infrastructure. And you experience seamless interactions between devices and appliances. As a premium member of the AllSeen Alliance, we're helping spearhead the broadest, cross-industry open source effort to advance the IoT.


AllSeen's open source project enables all the products in the Internet of Things to work together across platforms such as iOS, Android and Windows.


The project is dedicated to making the Internet of Things secure - including the use of state-of-the-art security cryptography.


A truly collaborative Internet of Things pathes the way for enriching our products with technology from other partners.

A diagram symbolising how the Internet of Things can connect your appliances to one another

The internet of everything

We want to turn the internet of things into the internet of everything. Your AEG appliances will work seamlessly within an ecosystem of other products offered by partners in the Alliance. This will not only foster innovation, it'll make your appliances more exciting to use and improve the end results.

MaxiSense® Combi

Connects with your cooker hood to control extraction

Instant heat and automatic pan recognition

Future Hood

Automatically controlled by your compatible Hob2Hood hob

Whisper-quiet extraction

ProCombi® Plus Smart

Transfer the exact recipe settings to your oven via the MyAEG app

Stream your cooking to your smartphone

Instantly share creations with the world

ProCombi® Plus Smart Oven

The world's first oven with a camera. 

The ProCombi Plus Smart oven

Watch delicious happen

Effortlessly check your your leg of lamb is getting that golden brown, crispy crust without taking time away from your next course. With the unique CookView™ camera you can see a live feed from the oven on your mobile device. So you can fine tune the details for visible results.

Plan. Prepare. Perfect.

The MyAEG app connects you to your oven and your oven to the world. Full of inspirational step-by-step recipes to choose from, one touch transfers the settings to your ProCombi® Plus Smart oven. During cooking you can control the oven from anywhere at home and check on your food with the live-feed camera. And because it's connected to WiFi, you can share every masterpiece with the world.

Download for Android

Hands-free extraction

To help improve your cooking experience, Hob2Hood connects your hob and hood. Your hob will wirelessly activate and adjust your cooker hood fan speed. Powerful extraction when you're searing. Quieter extraction when you're simmering. You get the optimum kitchen environment without even lifting a finger towards your hood. 

Discover more with AEG

An AEG cooker hood in a stylish kitchen
Improved kitchen ambience
AEG Cooker Hoods improve the ambience and freshness of any kitchen with quiet, powerful extraction.
A smart tablet on a coffee table, showing a joint of lamb roasting in the ProCombi Plus Smart oven
Watch delicious happen
Check in on your next course without taking any time away from the table using the ProCombi® Plus Smart Oven's live feed camera.
A pan of boiling water on an AEG induction hob
Cook with speed and flexibility
When every degree and every second matter, the precision of induction heat makes all the difference to your dish.