Cooker hoods

A stylish extended cooker hood from AEG, which reclines back into your kitchen unit

perfect kitchen ambience

AEG cooker hoods combine powerful air extraction, quiet efficiency and Red Dot award winning design. Our wide range means you can choose a model that's hidden away discreetly or displayed prominently in the room. Whatever you prefer, the right hood lets you cook your meals in the ideal environment in a way that complements your kitchen's unique style.

A drop down AEG cooker hood

Quiet cooker hoods

AEG cooker hoods are whisper-quiet, even at maximum speed. This helps make your kitchen a social place you'll love to spend time in. A place you can entertain any guests, undisturbed. Our innovative 3-phase motor runs in near-silence and provides enough power to keep even large kitchens odour free. So you can enjoy a hood that's seen, but not heard.

Extraction from starters to afters

Keep your kitchen as fresh and quiet as possible with Hob2Hood. The hood adapts to your cooking, so you get maximum power when you’re frying or searing your main. And quieter extraction when you’re delicately melting chocolate for dessert. So you always have a fresh environment for you and your guests.

Salmon cooking on an induction hob while the excess steam is being extracted by the cooker hood.
The widest choice

With a wide range to choose from, finding your Hob2Hood combination is simple.

A stylish AEG cooker hood

Your kitchen, your style

Enjoy effortless Hob2Hood extraction in a style you love. AEG has the most choice you'll find on the market for similar technology. With 11 hobs and 18 cooker hoods, you can find the perfect combination to suit your kitchen. All without compromising on performance. 

Street hood

A/A+ rated for outstanding energy efficiency

Cook distraction free, with our powerful, yet near-silent, brushless motor 

Clear visibility over the entire cooking area with the dimmable LED lights

Ceiling hood

Stylish, flush finish to suit any kitchen

Minimum maintenance required with the easy to clean flat surface

Precisely manage extraction levels through the elegant remote control

Future hood

Automatically adjusts extraction levels to the food you're cooking with Hob2Hood 

Outstanding extraction, even in large kitchens

Long lasting durability thanks to the stainless steel grease filter 

The underneath of an AEG cooker hood showing the hood filter.

Year round freshness

Enjoy clean, fresh air in your kitchen, with the AEG Switch Hood. Now you can switch effortlessly between extraction and recirculation at the touch of a button, whatever the weather. In the summer you can remove the humid air from your home. And, in winter, switch to recirculation to keep the warm air in and your heating bills down.

AEG cooker hood filters

Cooker hood filters explained

For year-round freshness, keep your cooker hood's filters well maintained. Grease filters trap food particles, leaving the air and your surfaces clean. While charcoal filters trap and remove odours. Some hoods have permanent filters, which can be cleaned and reused, while others use disposable filters. Whichever hood you choose, be sure to clean or replace it regularly. 

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An AEG cooker hood display panel
AEG cooker hoods
Combining powerful air extraction and quiet efficiency, AEG cooker hoods help you cook your meals in the ideal kitchen environment.
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AEG cooker hood filters
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Keep your hood in perfect working order with our range of filters and accessories from the online shop now.