ProFresh Fridge Freezers

An open ProFresh fridge freezer with a diagram of how the MultiFlow system keeps all shelves the same temperature

Freshness throughout

Waste less and enjoy tastier food – all thanks to your fridge. The MultiFlow system keeps temperature and humidity levels even across every shelf: front to back, top to bottom. There are no hot spots, just uniform coolness for every ingredient. And the Clean Air Control system absorbs and filters any odours inside the fridge. So you can stock your fridge how you see fit and enjoy food that lasts longer, and smells and tastes its best. 

TwinTech® technology

With TwinTech® it's easy to store every ingredient at its optimum condition.

A comparison image of two lettuces. The lettuce in the AEG ProFresh is fresh and crisp, while the lettuce in the competitor fridge freezer is wilting

Protect taste, forget frost

Fresh food needs humid, cool temperatures whereas frozen goods require dry, freezing temperatures. Yet most fridge freezers use just one cooling system, so the two conditions cross over. TwinTech® uses a cooling system in both compartments to provide the ideal humidity in each. So your freezer stays frost free and your fresh food won't dry out.

A fresh look at storage

Customise your fridge exactly to your liking with the CustomFlex® modular storage system. The door compartments can be changed and moved in a matter of seconds, giving you complete flexibility. With hundreds of storage combinations that respond to your needs, you can achieve the results you want in the kitchen.

Various vegetables keeping fresh in the large drawers of the ProFresh fridge freezer

Sublime salads

Make salad the centrepiece of your meal. ProFresh fridge freezers come with a drawer specially designed to keep the humidity just right for fruit and vegetables. So everything from kale to cucumber stays at its freshest for longer. Leaves are crispier, apples are crunchier and everything's tastier. The spacious drawer also means if you buy a lot of fresh produce, there's always room for keeping it that way.

A piece of steak being kept cool and fresh in one of the large drawers of the ProFresh fridge freezer

Tastier meat and fish

Protect the flavour of your meat and fish. They keep and taste best when stored at a certain temperature - close to 0 degrees. In fact meat and fish are proven to last up to 3 days longer at this temperature than standard refrigeration. ProFresh Plus fridge freezers have a special, cooler compartment just for this. So you can enjoy the freshest meat or fish and savour every last mouthful.

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The ProFresh fridge freezer being opened
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