Vacuum cleaners

Performance on every surface

Whatever the size of your home, our bagged vacuums will help keep it clean, tidy and healthy. From carpet to laminate, sofa to stool, powerful suction keeps dust off of all types of flooring and furniture. And the closed bags prevent dust particles entering the air when emptied. So they'll defend you from symptons of allergies or asthma. This makes bagged vacuums a fantastic choice for performance and hygiene.

The AEG UltraPower vacuum cleaner

With it's long runtime UltraPower delivers results no other cordless vacuum can match.

The AEG UltraPower vacuum cleaner

No cord, no limits

Reach further and clean with complete freedom of movement. Our cordless vacuums are mobile, lightweight and easy to store. And the award winning UltraPower will clean your entire home on a single charge of its powerful lithium battery. This makes cordless vacuums an outstanding choice for mobility and performance.

Save money, optimise cleaning

Save yourself time, money and effort - and never buy vacuum bags again. With bagless vacuums, you can see as soon as the dustbin is ready to empty. This gives you the best dust pick-up across all your surfaces, because an overfull vacuum bag is one of the main causes of a loss of suction. This makes bagless vacuums a fantastic choice for performance and savings.

Discover more with AEG

The powerful Ultrasilencer vacuum
Cleaning quietly starts here
Get the comfort of excellent cleaning and the satisfaction of exceptionally low noise with Ultrasilencer.
the efficient rapido vacuum from AEG
Clean in the blink of an eye
When you need it the most, the Rapido is always ready to hand, and ready to clean.
The AEG Ergorapido cordless vacuum
Effortless cleaning
Effortlessly move between rooms without worrying about the nearest socket with the Ergorapido cordless vacuum.