Product Details

Features ultrafine filtration material used in HEPA 13 filters*, capable of filtering up to 99.97% of airborne pollutants.
*According to EN1822-3


Ultrafine particle filtration

Each CLEAN360 filter includes HEPA13 media technology to deliver 99.97% particle filtration of microns 0.3µm and includes particles as small as 0.1µm, helping to ensure absolute minimal PM2.5 level.

Traps unpleasant odours

Each AX9 360 filter features a unique layer of highly porous Active Carbon pellets that provide exceptional absorption of odours and gases typically found in the home environment. Volatile Organic Compounds that generate odours associated with pets, garbage, cooking and even household chemicals are trapped for good, helping keep your indoor air fresher for longer.

Anti-bacterial protection: Protect your family from unwanted guests

Protection from airborne bacteria is paramount to creating a healthier home environment. AX9 360 filters include a naturally effective antibacterial agent that neutralises bacteria enzymes at a cellular level, eliminating up to 99.9% of bacteria found in the home and helps prevent further bacteria growth.

Smart filters

Each AX9 360 filter is equipped with a smart tag that measures fine particle exposure and remaining filter life. The app will indicate when it's time to replace the filter, meaning you can do so absolute confidence the filter is completely full.



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