Our constant effort to shape living of our consumers for the better has been recognised by 3rd party institutes and internationally acclaimed labels. Please see some of the titles we have been awarded below.

AEG Wins Coveted T3 Prize For The Fourth Year Running

AEG’s 9000 SERIES L9FEC966R washing machine has been crowned the ‘Best Washing Machine’ in the T3 Awards 2021. Praised for its outstanding cleaning performance, remarkable soft water technology and visual design, the company has taken home the prestigious title for the fourth year in a row, proving unbeaten by all other designs on the market.

Called out for being “splendid in every way”, the AEG 9000 series contains a range of desirable features, including ÖKOMix and ProSense technology. The judges also admired the product for its “great innovation” and drew attention to the fact that it “runs quietly and efficiently, and is rated A+++ for energy.”

In a standard washing machine, less than a third of fibres are reached by the usual fabric softeners used but with ÖKOMix in the 9000 series, every trace of detergent and softener is mixed with water, dissolving and activating it completely before it even enters the drum. This makes it the first ever washing machine technology to distribute detergents and softeners evenly, washing clothes more efficiently than ever.

Alongside this, the appliance is a testament to AEG’s continued commitment to sustainability, with features such as ProSense technology which automatically weighs every load, adjusting wash cycles accordingly to ensure no energy or water wastage.


Matt Black Kitchen Collection Awarded RedDot Award

The Matt Black Kitchen Collection has been rewarded the RedDot award for design excellence.


This stylish collection offers the latest in kitchen technology and uses an etching process to create a matt glass fascia, a technology most associated with artwork and architectural components. The resulting matt texture has natural anti-fingerprint properties which means it is more resistant to stains, easier to clean and affords a advanced level of performance that is beautiful to look at and interact with.


To see a delightful kitchen that is home to the AEG range, see HouseLust’s blog here.

AEG QX6/QX7/QX8 Cordless Vacuum Cleaners

The QX6, QX7 and QX9 cordless vacuums have been rewarded the RedDot award for design excellence. 

A great cleaning experience is all but guaranteed with a number of smart innovations. The easy-grip handle and low weight distribution makes the AEG cleaner range lighter in hand for more effortless maneuverability and comfort in longer cleaning sessions.

The Axial cyclonic technology ensures uncompromised performance throughout the clean, even while the dust bin fills up. The full tilt and slim frame enables cleaning under furniture as low as 135 mm from the ground, offering true versatility.

AEG AX7 and AX5 air purifiers

The AX7 and AX5 Air Purifiers has been rewarded the RedDot award for design excellence.

While everyone could benefit from cleaner air at home, people don’t necessarily want their air purifier solutions to be clinical and sterile. Launching this May, the AEG Air Purifier series, with its sleek and premium design, stands apart with the use of materials that fit seamlessly into the home. The colours of the AX7 and AX5 are calm and chosen to complement a broad range of considered interiors. Paint is not used, and the textile covers (made from recycled PET bottles), handles and feet can be exchanged and customized to fit the lifestyle of the owner - all features recognised by the judging panel.



Our Vacuum Cleaner QX9 has won the Red Dot Design Award 2020 and iF Design Award 2020 for its outstanding design! 

QX9 is the light-in-hand, powerful 2-in-1 vacuum cleaner designed to take the effort out of cleaning, and with interior inspired materials so that people want to have it out in their living environment. It is a high performing product with reduced sound. It glides from charge to use and back to charge effortlessly, just grab the handle and go


Our Air Purifier AX9 has won the Red Dot Design Award 2020 for its superior design!

In addition to bringing outstanding clean air, the AX9, inspired by modern furniture, textiles and materials, has a Scandinavian design that consumers are happy to invite into their homes.

9000 Series Washing Machine

T3 Awards Hat Trick: AEG Scoops Up Award for Third Consecutive Year

June 2020 – AEG has received the coveted ‘Best Washing Machine’ award for the third year in a row at the prestigious T3 Awards. Judges were blown away with the AEG 9000 Series L9FEC966R washing machine stating the appliance “cleans excellently, runs very quietly and has an A+++ rating for energy efficiency”.

The AEG 9000 series features ‘world-first’ water-softening technology. By using an ion-exchange filtering system, it removes the minerals found in hard-water that can be harsh on fabrics, softening the water that enters the drum. Combined with our Okomix technology, which allows detergents and softeners to work at maximum efficiency at the lowest temperatures, it provides the cleaning power of a 60 degree wash at only 30 degrees - ensuring that colours stay vibrant, fabrics feel soft and clothes keep their shape. 

The 9000 L9FEC966R also responds to a plethora of family needs, thanks to its outstanding versatility. This washing machine has a capacious 9kg drum, perfect for large household loads and the steam function results in less ironing for families as the intelligent programme reduces creases in dry fabrics by up to a third. The Quiet Mark stamp of approval shows it will deliver outstanding washing results without disrupting the tranquillity of your home.

With T3 awards often hailed as the ‘Oscars of the tech world’, AEG is delighted to win the T3 Best Washing Machine Award for the third time.  The team eagerly await 2021 to see if they can achieve lucky number four!



Electrolux has been named Top Employer Europe after receiving the Top Employer Award for 2019 in five of its largest European markets – the UK, Italy, Spain, France and Germany.  The Top Employer Institute has recognized Electrolux for its exceptional employee conditions and for being an advanced employee in Europe. Electrolux stood out for its communication tools, development programs, networking, talent management and leadership.



The AEG QuickSelect Dishwasher has won Red Dot Design Award for its innovative product design.

The Quick Select Dishwasher range uses a new dishwasher control panel. The user chooses the time for the washing cycle via the tactile central groove on the user interface. The Ecometer display shows energy use as a consequence of the time and options selected, gently guiding the user towards the most sustainable way of using the product.



The AEG washing machine with AutoDose has won the Red Dot award for its outstanding design.
AEG AutoDose technology provides thorough cleaning and the best care for clothing, as well as removing the hassle and guesswork of manually dosing detergent - filling up detergent just once offers as many as 20 washes.



The AEG SensePro Hob has won iF Design Awards for its innovative product design

The AEG SensePro hob is a premium member of the new SenseCook Family range. This sophisticated cook-top is designed to help users cook food in restaurant-style fashion with support from smart sensor technologies. Its professional grade performance is partly enabled by a wireless and battery-free food probe which measures temperature with accurate precision.




The AEG VX9 was designed with ease of use in mind: Featuring an intuitive user interface and equipped with low-friction XL rubber wheels, the vacuum cleaner is easy to manoeuvre. The AirExtreme technology ensures efficient cleaning while the CleanLift handle allows users to remove the sealed dust bag hygienically. Designed for all types of surfaces and materials, the accessories are conveniently stored on the back of the vacuum cleaner

Statement by the Jury:
As a technically sophisticated product solution, this vacuum cleaner impresses in particular through its high ease of use.



AEG VX9 has won the Red Dot award for its outstanding design.


AEG WX7 has won Red Dot award for its outstanding design. 

The WX7 window and surface cleaner provides a great cleaning experience thanks to the natural rubber blades which gives you a streak-free cleaning in any direction. Long lasting lithium batteries offers up to 90 minutes of cleaning power between charges and at just 60 db WX7 is also our quietest window and surface cleaner.