Sustainability at AEG
Sustainability at AEG


At AEG we create innovations that stand out today and help build a better tomorrow. When it comes to sustainability, we believe actions speak louder than words. That’s why our targets are more than just numbers – they’re important milestones to ensure we’re always moving ahead and doing our bit for the world we live in.
We have the opportunity to help people make choices that allow them to live life in more sustainable ways and we continue to produce products and services which help shape living for the better for millions of people around the world.

Climate neutral operations by 2030

Our mission is to be the preferred partner for your project, providing you with best-in-class, innovative solutions and services. We succeed by offering strong global brands and dedicated teams of experts with local market and cultural understanding. Our track record shows that Electrolux Group has a long history in being a leading supplier to the project business in many markets across the globe.

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Key Results 2021*

  • 8% text
    Better Company

    Reduction in both our total CO2 emissions in operations and water use in water risk areas compared to 2020.

  • 19/31% text
    Better Solutions

    Our most energy and water efficient products accounted for 19% of total units sold and 31% of gross profit in 2021.

  • 14,000 Text
    Better Living

    Young people from across the world were surveyed on sustainable living. Their insights will shape future innovation.

  • Climate Goals

    Reduction in our Scope 1 and 2 CO2 emission since 2015 as me move towards our -80% goal for 2025.

*Results from the Electrolux Group Sustainability Report 2021, see below for more details.

For the Better 2030 - Electrolux Sustainability Report 2021 (

How we're taking action

Our focus is on reducing our environmental footprint. That’s why we’re optimising the use of energy and other resources throughout our operations, as well as shifting to renewables.

The case for action

We aim to run resource-efficient operations as an integral part of our work by applying industry-leading practices. This reflects our values and what we stand for as a company – being part of the solution is important for both our employees and consumers.

+8,600 metric tons of recycled plastics used in 2021 Products (Up From 400 in 2020)

Our ambition is to move towards systems that are more circular to ensure the maximum value from resources by recovering & reusing materials at the end of each product life. That’s why we increased the percentage of recycled plastic in our appliances, while decreasing volumes of total sourced plastic.

How we're taking action

Our ambition is to contribute to the circular economy. We’ll achieve this by integrating recycled materials into our product platforms, promoting recyclability, using more sustainable packaging solutions, increasing the availability of spare parts to repair our products, and developing circular business solutions.

The case for action

Increasing the amount of high-quality recycled materials in our products can make an important contribution to combating climate change. By sourcing scrap-based steel, we can make a significant reduction in our CO2 footprint from materials. Emissions can also be reduced by extending the useful lifetime of our products.

This can be achieved through promoting more circular business models or providing aftermarket services that ultimately make better use of resources.


  • In 2021, we were recognised for our sustainability leadership with a prestigious 'Double A' score for climate and water and as a Supplier Engagment Leader by the global non-profit CDP.
  • As of November 2021, Electrolux recieved an overall ESG Risk Ratings score of 17.0 and is considered by Sustainalytics, to be at low risk of experiencing financial impacts from ESG factors.
  • As of 2021, Electrolux recieved an MSCI ESG Rating of AA.
  • For the rest of the awards please find information here.

A taste of the future

We expand the world of taste with innovations that redefine the way you cook, so you can raise your standards and achieve perfect results every time — healthily and responsibly.

Feast with a table full of vegetables

Why settle for just fresh

Our fridge freezers with TwinTech® technology use a double cooling system to make sure humidity and temperature levels are always ideal for both the fridge and freezer separately. This ensures optimised food preservation, allowing groceries to stay fresher for longer. And thereby, reducing food waste.
Alongside this, the NoFrost technology in our cooling appliances makes defrosting is a thing of the past, all while saving energy.

Perfect your greens

Steam cooking is one of the best ways to seal in flavour, help eliminate the need to cook with extra fats and oils and is one of the best ways to preserve the nutrients in your food. AEG steam cooking technology assures your dishes are cooked at a constant temperature, and that they do not dry out, or worse burn. So, you easily get the healthy and delectable meals you want.

Slide For Sustainability

The QuickSelect feature in AEG dishwashers determines how long the wash cycle should last. From five levels between slower but more energy-efficient, to faster programs with more consumption & speed.

Intelligent Sensors

With a range of intelligent sensors built into AEG induction hobs, saving energy is easier than ever before. The smart SenseBoil® technology controls the boiling of water and reduces temperatures to prevent overspilling. SenseFry® maintains precise temperature and prevents burning, and SensePro® hobs have a wireless probe which identifies temperatures to the exact degree and communicates heat adjustments to the hob - all reducing energy consumption and costs.

Dressing for the long term

We create solutions that redefine what you expect from clothing care. With innovative, responsible technologies and rewarding experiences, you can forget outdated rules and keep your clothes looking like new, for longer.

Man standing beside washing machine

Soft water, strong colours

The SoftWater technology in our AEG 9000 washing machines purifies and softens the water by filtering out unwanted substances like calcium and magnesium before it gets into the drum, so that detergents work optimally even at low temperatures.

This means that washing cycles can also be carried out at 30 ° C instead of 60 ° C. This saves energy and is gentle on clothing making them last longer.

Steam, don't spin

With ProSteam® technology there is no need to wash your delicate clothes, just freshen them up before wearing them again. Steaming is kind to garments, saves energy, and uses up to 96% less water. With the PlusSteam® option you can also add steaming to the end of your cycle, reducing wrinkles by up to a third. In addition, our washing machines enable the combination of eco and short wash programs, allowing you to save water and energy.

AutoDose: Precise Dosage, Precision Care

With AEG AutoDose, you never have to wonder how much washing detergent to use. AutoDose technology means the right amount of detergent and softener are added to washing cycles, maintaining your clothes’ appearance over time. The machine weighs your clothes in the drum and sets the perfect detergent amount for up to 20 washes, guaranting better care for your garments.

Expect more from your home

We make homes healthier and more sustainable through smart solutions for air and floors with that don't just aim to outperform your expectations, but also fit beautifully into your life. As much as we emphasize clean living, we don't compromise on aesthetics or sustainability

Living room

More clean, more green

Our Green vacuum cleaners contain recycled plastic between 50–75%. Our new powerful 8000 Series is made from 65% recycled plastic and recyclable anodized aluminium. The vacuum cleaner also has modular, repairable and replaceable components, which contributes to product life extension, upgradability and circularity.

Take a breath

Our energy efficient air cleaners are designed to continuously measure indoor air quality levels and intelligently respond to changes in your environment. Five stage filtration makes them
brilliant air purifiers for dust, and their powerful system means that all corners of the room are reached, yet they're so quiet you'll barely even notice them hard at work.

For The Better 

Our sustainability framework

  • Better Solutions

    - Lead in energy and resources for efficient solutions.

    - Offer circular solutions and business models.

    - Eliminate harmful materials.

  • Better Company

    - Be climate neutral and drive clean, resource efficient operations.

    - Act ethically, lead in diversity and respect human rights.

    - Drive supply chain sustainability.

  • Better Living

    - Make sustainable eating the preferred choice.

    - Make clothes last twice as long with half of the environmental impact.

    - Make homes healthier and more sustainable through smart solutions for air, water and floors.

Better Solutions - Key Results 2020

  • Our most energy and water efficient products accounted for 26% of total units sold and 36% of gross profit in 2020.
  • We used 6,800 metric tons of recycled plastic in our products in 2020.
  • Our Eco@web chemical management tool was rolled out in Asia-Pacific and Egypt.

Better Company - Key Results 2020

  • –70% absolute CO₂ emissions in our operations since 2015

  • 79% of employees completed our anti-corruption training

  • 74% of top direct material suppliers have committed to disclose their carbon emissions and set targets

Better Living - Key Results 2020

  • 9,400 people engaged in Electrolux Food Foundation events to inspire sustainable food habits.
  • Make it Last – Our first pan-regional campaign to inspire consumers to better care for their clothes and give them a longer life.
  • The UN Cool Coalition approved our plan to replace all high impact greenhouse gases in our appliances by 2023 at the latest.


AEG brings the first energy-saving eco-devices onto the market.
AEG launches the first eco-lavamat washing machine.
The first eco-vampire vacuum cleaner in the world with only 750 watt power consumption.
AEG brings the first dryer with a head pump - and 50% less energy consumption - onto the market.
Electrolux the parent company of AEG is voted the most sustainable home appliance company in the world.
AEG brings the Ultra-silencer- OKO onto the market - the first vacuum cleaner in the world, made from up to 55% recycled plastic.
As part of the glabal initiative - "Vac from the Sea" - plastic waste is collected from six different oceans and used to manufacture vacuum cleaners.
The first AEG-ÖKO-Product family goes into series production: largely made from recycled plastics and with 100% recycled packaging. Introduction of the s-bag ÖKO - the first dust bag made from 100% renewable raw materials.
The UltraSilencer ÖKO cylinder vacuum cleaner is the quietest test winner of all time with only 61dB (A).
World first: the first washer-dryer with heat pump technology comes from AEG. This particularly energy-saving device was a leader in this device class for many years.
The AEG models VX8-1-ÖKO and VX9-1-ÖKO are the only vacuum cleaners to have received this coveted award due to their low consumption and comprehensive eco-concept.
Electrolux receives the Ökovision award.
Electrolux the parent company of AEG is the only home appliance manufacturer with gold status in the largest sustainability study in the world (Robeco). AEG wins the award for sustainable commitment from Deutschland test and focus money.
For the 12th time in a row we - as part of the Electrolux Group - are the most sustainable home appliance manufacturer in the world - and we continue to work on a green future every day.
AEG's AutoDose technology received the Red Dot Award in 2019, one of the most sought-after seals of quality and good design. It's not only the easy of use that is convincing, but also the ecological advantages of AutoDose.
The EcoMeter ensures ecological monitoring of the wash cycles.


  • Recognized for sustainability leadership with a prestigious double “A” score in 2020
  • Listed on the CDP climate A list for 5 years.
  • Listed on the CDP water A list in 2020
  • Named the most sustainable home appliance manufacturer in the world twelve years in a row (2018).
  • Received the SAM Silver Class award in the 2020 (only top 5% of companies in each industry are recognised, total participants is 3,400)