We can help you care more

Clothes are much more than threads sewn together. They hold memories. They tell our story. Yet on average we don't wear 80% of the clothes we own. If we choose to care more, we can help change fashion's throwaway culture and add new chapters to our stories in the clothes we love.


Your clothes are special reminders of a snapshot in time. But if they lose their look and feel, they're left at the back of your wardrobe. This doesn't have to happen anymore. There are plenty of ways to care more and even more reasons to - from preserving memories to the environment. 

A purple silk top accompanied by jewellery

Preserve memories

Some of your favourite clothes feel like a second skin. They've been with you through good times and they're a relic of shared experiences. Ensure you preserve the memories they hold by caring for them in the right way. So you can continue wearing your favourite, most treasured clothes again and again. And use the same loved threads to inspire exciting new stories.

A blue cotton t-shirt
A image of smooth and nice smelling red silk

Please your senses

Deciding what to wear hinges on more than what your clothes look like. Studies suggest that all your senses are involved - from touch to smell. It's about how they feel when you hold them and that freshly-washed scent. So keep wanting to wear your clothes by pleasing all your senses. With a modern washer dryer you can fast-track that fresh feeling by washing and drying your clothes in one non-stop cycle.

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Save the world

Clothes have a huge environmental impact. But we can help if we learn to care for them properly. With the right technology, you can turn to your wardrobe rather than the store. Our best tumble dryer dries even your woollens and silks - offering a longer life for your most delicate fabrics. Make your clothes last just 9 months longer and you'll reduce your carbon and water footprints by 20-30% each.


With a unique cycle for each fabric type you can ensure the best care for your clothes

An image of the AbsoluteCare System tumble dryer

Dare to dry silk

Safely dry even your finest silk with AbsoluteCare® System tumble dryers. The unique programme dries at lower than normal temperatures with a gentler drum motion. So your favourite silk blouse, shirt or dress will keep its shape. And come out feeling seriously smooth. 

Blue cotton with a 30degrees wash icon over the top

Save money

Modern washing machines give you outstanding results at low temperatures. This saves you money, is better on the environment and helps preserve your garments. A modern washing machine could save up to 80% more energy than one that's just 5 years old. So invest in today's technology and save money by washing at 30 degrees.


Enjoy clothes that look and feel like new, wash after wash.

The ÖKOMix washing machine

Wash at 30

ÖKOMix isn't just kind on your clothes, it's kind to the environment too. The pre-mixing technology means most of the washes you do at 40 degrees can be done at 30 instead. This gives you the deepest, most thorough clean possible at the gentlest temperature. And it protects your clothes from fading over time.  


Small changes make big differences in preserving your garments. We go through clothes so fast nowadays. But keeping them for as long as your grandparents doesn't mean resorting to dated measures. More diligent purchases, tweaks to washing and new technology adds years to your clothes.

It starts in the store

Blue cotton fabric

Spot good quality

Superior tailoring and craftsmanship leads to longer lasting clothes. Good quality costs more, but you get what you pay for. Look out for natural, durable fibres like cotton and wool. Ensure stitches and seams are free of puckers and irregularities. And check buttons for loose threads. With this kind of quality your garment will stand the test of time. Any sign of sloppy stitching, leave it on the rack.

A tub of water with added damaging chemicals

Go organic

You can reduce the environmental impact of your clothes from the moment you walk into a store. On average, it takes 1kg of chemicals to produce 1kg of textiles. So look for garments made from organic textiles and renewable or recyclable materials. They need less energy and chemicals to produce. Plus organic textiles like cotton are more durable and help reduce your carbon footprint by lasting longer.

What we do with our clothes after we’ve bought them has the biggest impact on their lifetime and on the planet. But there are ways to care for our clothes that are gentle on them and our environment. 

Wash less, care more

Very few garments need to be washed after every wear. Overwashing is bad for the environment and won't keep your clothes looking their best. Wait until you can fill your machine. Fuller, fewer loads will save you energy and water - just like our OptiSense technology. This adjusts time and energy usage to the size of your load. So no overwashing, only the most efficient laundry from our machines.

Easily tackle the toughest laundry tasks

  • Red silk on a charcoal background
    A detergent for delicates

    Use a specialist detergent that doesn't contain protein based enzymes. These can damage wools and silks.

  • Hand washing a red garment
    Treat stains fast

    Soak any stain in cold water as soon as possible to prevent it from setting in.

  • A crisp red shirt
    Keep colours sharp

    Bleach-free detergents are best for your coloured loads. Use bleach-based powders on your whites to keep them really white.

A male ironing his shirt
Steam your clothes

Steam programmes give your clothes that just-washed look and feel in just 15 minutes

The AEG ProSteam dryer

Iron less if you can

Instead, try steam. Humidity naturally refreshes your clothes, de-creasing the fabrics. Our machines have steam programmes that will swiftly give you fresh, smooth clothes between washes. However, if you do need to iron, use a Steam Station iron. They produce a lot of steam to quickly de-wrinkle your fabrics. Because they're so fast, your clothes aren't exposed to high temperatures for as long.

A diagram showing the drum movement when drying three different fabrics: wool, silk and cotton

Tailor your drying

Huge leaps in tumble dryer technology means that they can now safely dry delicate fabrics. Wool is different to silk so it needs to be dried differently. AEG's AbsoluteCare® System understands this and provides a unique programme for each. Different drum movements and temperatures mean you get the best care for each garment and the softest results from all your fabrics. 

Reduce, reuse, recycle

As much as 95% of the textiles we throw away could be re-worn or recycled. The final stage in your garment's lifecycle doesn't have to be final. If it's in good shape, donate it to charity. Up-cycle it to give it a new lease of life. Or give it back to nature at a recycling station. Recycling reduces waste and it saves energy and water. Caring for your environment will never go out of fashion.

A sewing kit

Learn more

If you use less laundry detergent and ensure it's environmentally friendly, you'll minimise its impact on the planet and save money. This is also the case if you turn to your sewing kit, not the dustbin, when your clothes get worn. Small repairs and changes to your clothes can make them feel as good as new. To learn more, the MyAEG app is full of useful tips to help you care more. 

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As technology advances, our laundry habits should too. Yet, we still wash and dry in an outdated way. This is harmful to our environment and our clothes. We're challenging several care labels because they're simply no longer valid. Here's how to wash and dry in the most caring way.


Clothes soaking in a tub of water

30 is the new 40

Temperature labels aren't a recommendation, they're a maximum. Most washes can be done at a lower temperature. This helps you protect the colours and fibres of your garments and save on your electricity bill. Our ÖKOMix Washing Machine gives you exceptional care at 30 degrees. The patented pre-mixing technology dissolves the detergent more quickly so it's activated at a lower temperature.

A side-by-side comparison of ÖKOMix's performance versus a competitor

Deeper clean, softer results

Regular washing machines don't get the best out of your detergent and fabric softener. Our ÖKOMix technology pre-mixes firstly the detergent, then the softener before they enter the drum. During the cycle, each mixture is evenly distributed throughout your load. This guarantees every fibre gets the best possible care. So you can trust that your delicates will feel cleaner, softer and better protected.


Our appliances have been certified to care for even your "hand wash only" woollens

Woolmark green care label

Forget hand washing

Forget what you've been told. Hand washing is not the gentlest way to clean a delicate garment. It's time and water consuming and stresses the fibres more than you'd think. Modern machines with wool and silk cycles have unique drum rotations and lower washing temperatures for the best care of your delicates. 

Dodge the dry cleaner

Chemical-heavy dry cleaning is costly for you, the environment and the long term quality of your clothes. But it is avoidable. Modern laundry machines are gentle enough to launder many of your "dry clean only" garments without the chemicals. Like AEG's Woolmark-approved washer dryers. They can wash and dry your garments safely at much lower temperatures - even "hand wash only" items too. 

ÖKOKombi Plus

The first washer dryers on the market to be awarded the Woolmark Blue certification

The Woolmark Blue care label

Efficiency meets performance

Save space, time and energy with ÖKOKombi Plus. It combines top-end washing and drying technology, so you can wash and dry even delicate items like wool. All while using up to 40% less energy and water than comparable machines. So your clothes always get the best care. 

Now you know the best way to care more for your clothes. Your favourites deserve the best treatment because they're not just threads and fibres. They're a story... your story. By washing and drying them in modern laundry appliances, you can turn that story into a saga. And when you do your bit for your clothes and the environment, there will be a happy ending.