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Whether you’re a budding amateur chef, or just a weekend baker, at AEG, we want everyone to be able to make restaurant quality dishes in their home. We are delighted to partner with some fantastic cooking and baking institutes across the UK, that help their clients master skills and techniques which they can continue to refine at home. Our partners are fitted with the latest range of AEG appliances and provide a fantastic opportunity to see our top of the range technology in action, while perfecting skills in the kitchen and having some fun!

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Bread Ahead

Founded in 2013, Bread Ahead first opened its doors supplying fresh produce daily to Borough Market customers and a range of local restaurants and delis. The Bakery School opened in February 2014 and is designed to show the public just how easy baking good bread can be. Since then, Bread Ahead has grown –the school at Borough has expanded a second bakery and school has been opened in Pavilion Road, Chelsea, a bakery and café in Beak Street, Soho and the latest and most extensive Bread Ahead bakery, school & restaurant in Wembley. 

The Bread Ahead bakery schools and kitchens are fitted with AEG Steamboost ovens and 60cm induction hobs with our latest technologies such as PowerBoost and Hob2Hood.

The Big Bakes

The Big Bakes is an award winning baking business with locations in London and Birmingham. Over 90 minutes, customers are adorned with all the ingredients they need to create a stunning bake. While the sponges are rising and the dough is cooking, competitors then have the chance to rummage the draws and find the templates, colourings, flavours and decorations that will make their bake truly unique. And of course, whatever you bake you get to keep for your friends and family to enjoy. The Big Bakes has been voted ‘South London’s Best Experience’ and is one of the UK’s highest rated events and are fitted with AEG Steam Pro ovens, Crystalline induction hobs and Ultramix Kitchen mixers across the London and Birmingham locations.

The Cookery School at Portland Street

The Cookery School at Little Portland Street is one of London’s leading cooking schools and the most sustainable cook school in London. With a focus on sustainability and education, the school endeavours to demystify cooking, removing jargon and celebrating good home cooking skills. The state of the art kitchens are run with the environment in mind, using energy efficient AEG appliances – ovens, hobs, refrigerators and freezers. With over 15 years’ experience in education, the school only uses high quality, sustainable, primarily organic ingredients and practical utensils that can be found in most home kitchens.

The Cookery School is fitted with Steamboost ovens with FullSteam function, combiquick compact multifunction ovens and a 60cm induction hob with PowerBoost and Hob2Hood technologies baked in.

L’atelier des Chefs

L'atelier des Chefs has been teaching discerning Londoners how to cook for over 12 years.  Offering both public classes and bespoke private events, L'atlelier des Chefs believes that EVERYONE CAN COOK and at least have fun trying.  Ranging from 30 minute Cook, Eat and Run lunchtime classes to in depth 4 hour masterclasses, a wide variety of cuisines are taught and most importantly, everyone is welcome, no matter what their level.

The L’atelier des Chefs schools are fitted with AEG Steamboost ovens and 60cm and 90cm induction hobs with our latest technologies such as Hob2Hood and  MaxiSense®; allowing for self-sizing cooking zones.

Hello Fresh Kitchen

HelloFresh is the leading global provider of fresh food at home through a subscription based food delivery service, taking the hassle of planning, grocery shopping and prepping out of the picture. In their London headquarters, a team of chefs is continuously testing and perfecting new recipes in the HelloFresh test kitchen, before those recipes make their way into HelloFresh boxes.

The HelloFresh kitchen is fitted with a whole range of AEG ovens, featuring SteamPro to SenseCook technologies alongside pyrolytic and steam cleaning functions. On display, are also our AEG Ultramix stand mixers.


The Cheshire Cookery School was born out of a philosophy that good food is at the heart of all that matters in life; it is an expression of our connection to each other and to our environment. At the Cheshire Cookery School you can experience a whole world of cooking where passion for food is the key ingredient. The cookery school is set in comfortable, modern surroundings. Using the most up to date equipment, you’re able learn new and time-tested techniques side by side. Professional yet informal, mixing fun with education the school caters for all levels of cooks from beginners to the most proficient. Throughout the year there is a diary full of inspiring and exciting cookery classes.

The Cheshire Cookery School is fitted with a full range of AEG appliances including our top of the range steam ovens, pyrolytic ovens, domino induction hobs, pure hob and dishwashers.

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