Gas hobs

Cook to perfection. With a gas hob, you get full control of temperature and time, to master your cooking to the full.



The new AEG gas hob is faster in getting that right flavour. The speed burners in this hob gives you 20% more speed compared to a normal gas hob and the smooth stainless steel surface fits perfectly in your kitchen design.

  • High Speed Burners
  • Powerful Wok Burner
  • Safety Gas Cut Off
  • Removable Pan Supports

The AEG gas hob with FlameLight adds a new level of safety and confidence to cooking with gas. The bright LED lights tell you at a glance if a burner is turned on or off, and if a pan support is still hot after use. So you can concentrate on making great-tasting food.

  • FlameLight LED indicators
  • Warning Buzzer
  • Minute Minder
  • Hob2Hood
  • 4 kw powerful wok burner

The unique flush burners in this gas hob deliver heat directly to the base of your cooking pan. This saves heating power, and increases cooking efficiency by up to 20%.

  • One-piece Flame Spreader
  • Easy Clean
  • Automatic integrated ignition
  • Cast iron pan supports
Gas hob
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