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Free up more space at home and use an AEG washer dryer. With the same performance as two separate machines, you can wash and dry in one go - even your delicates. An integrated washer dryer fits seamlessly into your interior design.

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Your complete wardrobe guardian

Our SensiDry® technology takes care of your complete wardrobe, harnessing its advanced heat pump technology for low temperatures and controlled drum movements. Giving you complete confidence that your clothing will retain its shape and condition, wear after wear.

9000 series kombi washer dryer with SensiDry

  • SensiDry technology gives you a gentle and energy efficient drying at lower temperatures
  • ÖKOMix technology has an unique pre-mixing of detergent, softener and water to reach every fibre
  • DualSense® technology allows you to safely wash and dry even delicates and hand-wash only woolens

Find the washer dryer that fits your everyday

In this section you will be able to find tips on what to consider when buying a washer dryer and the explanation of our key technologies. It will help you make the right choice for better care of your clothes!

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