Find the ideal AEG gas or electric cooker to match your cooking needs. Whether you like to cook huge feasts or modest meals, AEG has the right cooker to meet your culinary needs.

Get heat precisely where you need it

Induction hobs offer superior temperature control,  adjusting the heat instantly, faster than any other hob. Plus, it only heats the pan, so you get heat precisely where you need it.

Induction hob

  • Fast and precise heat control and regulation
  • Easier to adjust the temperature during the critical moments of cooking
  • The hob surface is extremely easy to wipe and keep clean

Bake like a professional

Is there anything better than perfectly flaky pastries and rustic loaves? You can create all this at home with the best steam oven accessories from AEG. The MaxiKlasse Bakery Tray, with a perforated base, ensures even heat distribution. The surface is large, anti-stick and perfect for any type of baked goods. Give a professional finish to anything that comes from your steam oven! 

The MaxiKlasse Bakery Tray

The MaxiKlasse Bakery Tray

  • The large base ensures even heat distribution
  • Anti-stick surface

The right cooker for your needs

Find a cooker that brings out the best in your cooking. AEG has a wide range of cookers that suit everybody from newbies to chefs with professional ambitions.



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