Induction hobs

Take your cooking to the next level with our induction hobs. They are safe, easy to take care of and their temperature control is one of a kind.


Fast, precise and controllable, Induction cooking is becoming an increasingly popular choice for the discerning chef.

  • ActiveTouch
  • Hob2Hood
  • Power Booster
  • Adjustable Timer
  • Child Safety Lock

Create several large surfaces to cook on with the Multiple Bridge Function in the AEG induction hob. Two zones can be paired at the touch of a button, providing a single bridge for cooking. By automatically aligning to share both temperature and time settings, it's optimised for using large pots and pans at once.

  • Bridge Function
  • MaxiSense
  • Hob2Hood
  • DirekTouch Controls
  • PowerBoost
  • Child Safety Lock

For the ultimate level of flexibility, the zones on this induction hob adapt automatically to your cookware – ensuring even cooking results whatever the pan's size or position

  • MaxiSense Pure
  • DirekTouch Controls
  • PowerBooster
  • Child Safety Lock
  • Residual Heat Indicators
  • Stop & Go
Induction hob
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