Make cooking easy and enjoyable with our range of versatile hobs. Ensure perfect results, whether it's a meal for two or a dinner party for eight, as at AEG our hobs are designed to fit your life. Make multi-tasking easy and take control of flavours with an oven and hob combo, or simply update your kitchen hob and create restaurant-style dishes at home.

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Master every dish with the SensePro® food sensor.

The wireless probe identifies temperatures to the exact degree and communicates heat adjustments to the hob.

Measure and maintain precise water temperatures, meaning it’s now possible to sous vide on the hob. 



  • The SensePro® hob gets every dish right. The wireless food sensor measures the core temperature of food. Boil pasta, simmer sauce, pan-fry a steak – whether rare, medium or well-done. It’s even possible to sous-vide on the hob. It’s the personal sous chef for restaurant-style results at home

The faster way to delicious dishes

When cooking with induction, you create tastier dishes in less time. Induction hobs offer superior temperature control and heat up faster than any other hob. Be in full control and go from simmer to boiling in just a matter of seconds. 

Induction hob

Induction hob

  • Fast and precise heat control and regulation
  • Easier to adjust the temperature during the critical moments of cooking
  • The hob surface is extremely easy to wipe and keep clean

Bright and clear LEDs so you can easily choose the flame level

The bright LEDs on the FlameLight gas hob clearly show you the 9 power levels and whether a knob is turned on or off.

Series 8000 - FlameLight

Series 8000 - FlameLight

  • The FlameLight LEDs display whether a knob is turned on or off
  • Automatically regulate your extractor fan with Hob2Hood®
  • The adjustable Minute Minder helps you time kitchen tasks

Modern and discreet

MaxiSense gives it all: seamlessly elegant black glass design with functions to take your cooking experience to the next level  - without forgetting maximum flexibility. 



  • Modern design with several outstanding functions
  • Elegant yet discreet

Why not perfect to the core

Why guess when you can be precise about each degree with the SensePro hob. The wireless food sensor measures inner temperature and communicates heat adjustments to the hob. So you can achieve perfect core results. Why compromise on appliances that don't live up to your life.

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Selected Hobs

The AEG Pure 3 hob combines a sleek, seamless design with responsive functions. Ebony glass blends seamlessly with the worktop. Its cooking zones and controls are invisible until your fingertips bring them to life.

  • MaxiSense Pure Technology
  • LED Slider Controls
  • Residual Heat Indicators
  • Hob2Hood

Preparing many dishes at the same time or cooking for a dinner party? This hob is made for those occasions when you need more options, with equally tasty results. Its FlexiBridge feature means you can customize your own cooking area, combining up to 4 segments with a consistent and even heat distribution.

  • Power Slide
  • DirekTouch Controls
  • Hob2Hood

There are more exciting things to do than watching water boil. Let the SenseBoil® induction hob assist. It detects rising bubbles and automatically reduces to a low simmer. No more constant monitoring. So the focus can be on what matters most. Fine-tuning those flavours. Mastering that menu.

  • Boil Sensor
  • Hob2Hood
  • 'Direktouch' controls
  • MaxiSense® technology
  • Power Boost
  • Automax Function
  • Child Lock

The perfect hob for your favourite dishes

Take your cooking to tastier levels. Our range of cooking hobs offers excellent options for both small and large kitchens and all ambition levels – from everyday cooking to gala dinners.


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