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Make cooking easy and enjoyable with our range of versatile hobs. Ensure perfect results, whether it's a meal for two or a dinner party for eight, as at AEG our hobs are designed to fit your life. Make multi-tasking easy and take control of flavours with an oven and hob combo, or simply update your kitchen hob and create restaurant-style dishes at home.

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Our most energy-efficient hobs

ECOLINE Hobs are our most energy-efficient models. Our Sense range Induction Hobs use only the energy needed when cooking and all of our Extractor Hobs come with an A+ energy rating.

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Upgrade to induction

Time to upgrade to a new AEG induction hob from an existing radiant hob - all without impacting your tabletop. With air circulation under the hob, no back or front ventilation is required. Maximising your cooking area and kitchen footprint all in one solution.

Best In Range

9000 SensePro® induction hob




Why guess when you can be precise about each degree with the 9000 SensePro hob. The wireless food sensor measures the core temperature of food and communicates heat adjustments to the hob - so you can achieve precise results every time you cook.

7000 SenseBoil® induction hob




There are more exciting things to do than watching water boil. Let the 7000 SenseBoil® induction hob assist. It detects rising bubbles and automatically reduces to a steady simmer.

What's new

8000 TotalFlex




The 8000 TotalFlex Induction Hob automatically detects pots and pans of various shapes and sizes, creating dedicated cooking zones for them. Offering you the freedom to cook anything almost anywhere on its responsive glass surface, with the same great results.

Learn more about Induction Hobs

If you are looking for a safe and responsive induction hob - it's time to Challenge The Expected. Our latest range offers excellent options for both small and large kitchens and for all levels of ambition - from everyday food to gala dinners. Take your cooking to the next level with AEG.

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