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Create a fresh and welcoming ambience in your kitchen with an AEG cooker hood. The DirekTouch sliding control on the Island Hoods lets you set the rate of extraction to match your specific needs with precision.

Tastier results in your very own kitchen 

Cook, brown or fry without even touching your hood with a Hob2Hood hob - it activates the hood automatically and adjusts the air extraction to the cooking happening in your kitchen. 

Chimney hood with Hob2Hood

Chimney hood with Hob2Hood

  • Energy smart, but powerful hood
  • Effective filter that eliminates cooking fumes
  • Built-in LED lights makes it a perfect fit for modern homes

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Powered by an energy-efficient motor, this well-designed chimney hood is installed against the wall, effectively reduces kitchen odours while adding to the look and feel of the space itself.

  • Halogen lamps light
  • Innovative electronic controls

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Finished with glass and stainless steel, this square cooker hood aligns elegantly with your kitchen's design.

  • LED Lighting
  • Innovative electronic controls

With its rectangular shape, this vertical hood will add a distinctive look and feel to your kitchen. In addition to its striking design, the hood features powerful air-quality technology to efficiently keep kitchen air clean, even in large spaces.

  • Air-cleaning features
  • Innovative electronic control
  • Halogen lamp light


A fresher kitchen - hands free. Without even lifting a finger towards your hood, you can enjoy the optimum kitchen environment. Your hob will wirelessly activate and adjust your cooker hood fan speed automatically, based on what you're cooking. Steam and vapour disappear as quickly as they appear, leaving you with a beautifully fresh kitchen to cook and relax in.

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AEG's powerful yet quiet hoods quickly and efficiently dissipate fumes making for a fresh and creative ambience. With award-winning design, our hoods are a perfect fit in all kitchens. 

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