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Find the ideal cooker hood for you

Food cooking on an AEG induction hob while an AEG cooker hood is extracting excess steam

Subtle or bold. Your choice.

All of our cooker hoods remove steam and vapours from your kitchen, fast. But that’s where the similarities end. Choose a hood that perfectly complements your taste – make a bold statement with a Décor design like our Skylight hood (pictured), or weave a Discreet model seamlessly into your kitchen.

Create the perfect ambience in your kitchen

Create a perfect atmosphere

Season. Taste. Finesse. Savour. Cooking is all about enjoyment. Engineer the perfect atmosphere for creating your dishes with SilentTech – a quieter way to cook. LED lights give your workspace a warming glow, while the Breeze function discreetly cleanses the air once you’re finished for a more enjoyable atmosphere.

Diagram of how an AEG cooker will will automatically turn on when you start cooking

A fresher kitchen, hands-free

When you’re busy creating your masterpiece, our hands-free hoods work intuitively to keep your kitchen clean and fresh. The Hob2Hood function responds to the sizzle of every sauté, starting the extractor fan automatically and adjusting it according to your cooking. A powerful motor eliminates steam and vapours as soon as they appear. 

A pan of seafood cooking

Performance you can rely on

Enjoy clean, refreshed air as soon as you’ve finished cooking, thanks to high-performance hoods. Clever filtration means grease won’t build up in the mechanism, making it easier to clean, and bad smells are effortlessly filtered away. Details that make a difference, day after day.

Salmon cooking on an induction hob while the excess steam is being extracted by the cooker hood
The widest choice

With a wide range to choose from, finding your Hob2Hood combination is simple.

A stylish AEG cooker hood

Your kitchen, your style

Enjoy effortless Hob2Hood extraction in a style you love. AEG has the most choice you'll find on the market for similar technology. With the widest range of connected hobs and cooker hoods to choose from, you can find the perfect combination of style and function to suit your kitchen. All without compromising on performance.

AEG cooker hood filters

Cooker hood filters explained

For year-round freshness, keep your cooker hood's filters well maintained. Grease filters trap food particles, leaving the air and your surfaces clean. While charcoal filters trap and remove odours. Some hoods have permanent filters, which can be cleaned and reused, while others use disposable filters. Whichever hood you choose, be sure to clean or replace it regularly. 


Cooker hoods come in many shapes and sizes, and all make a different statement. Choose between eye-catching, classic or the more discreet.  

Island cooker hoods – The natural choice if you have a central island at the heart of your kitchen. These hoods are suspended from the ceiling.

Wall cooker hoods – Whether flat or chimney style, these stand-out hoods come in a variety of sizes and are mounted to the wall.

Built-in cooker hoods – To blend in with the style of your kitchen, these can be hidden away in a kitchen cabinet or inside your worktop.

Built-under cooker hoods – Save space and put your hood under the cabinet above your hob. Virtually invisible when idle.

Top-tip: Check the recommended distance between hob and hood before choosing.


Do you have an external vent?

Yes - Extraction hoods use an outside vent to evacuate the stale air. The air duct's length, curves and type of material will affect airflow.  

No - Recirculation hoods do not require an outside vent. They purify the air through a series of filters, removing particles and odours, before recirculating it back in the room. 

Top-tip: Turn on your hood before you start cooking to get the circulation or extraction going.

Sleek, silent and responsive

The Matt Black Collection from AEG brings together years of material engineering for an exclusive and premium execution. The matt texture has natural anti-fingerprint properties, which is tested to be much more resistant to stains and easier to clean, bringing an advanced level of performance. 

Our range of hoods with matt black Finish make a striking aesthetic statement but do not intrude in any other way, quietly and efficiently changing the air while you prepare your meals. 

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If you regularly cook aromatic foods or if you have a large kitchen you will need a more powerful hood. Not only because of the odour but because grease can condense on hard-to-reach surfaces and damage your walls.


When choosing between hoods with different capacity, it's good to work out your minimum and maximum extraction rate. Follow these easy steps:

1. Measure your kitchen's length, width & height. 
2. Multiply length x width x height = cubic capacity. 
3. Multiply the cubic capacity x 6 = minimum extraction rate (6 changes of air per hour for light cooking, e.g. simmering).
4. Multiply the cubic capacity x 12 = maximum extraction rate (12 changes of air per hour for frying with oil).

A rate between 8 and 12 is recommended.


For a peaceful cooking environment, choose a hood with a lower decibel (dB) rating. AEG hoods range between 40 and 70 dB. For reference, a whisper is approximately 40 dB and a normal conversation measures in between 60 and 70 dB. 

For extractor hoods, duct design affects noise level. Minimise the number of bends and cross-sections and choose sound reducing materials. 


All cooker hoods are fitted with grease filters, which capture food particles from the air. Depending on the type, grease filters need to be replaced (disposable filters) or cleaned (reusable filters) on a regular basis. Permanent metal grease filters can be soaked and cleaned by hand or in a dishwasher on an intensive 60-70°C programme.

For recirculation hoods, active carbon filters that remove odours should be cleaned or replaced approximately every four months. Some carbon filters are washable.


AEG cooker hoods combine powerful air extraction, quiet efficiency and award-winning design – find the one that will be just right for you.

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