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Discover incredible baking, grilling and roasting with a multifunction oven from AEG. Whether you're a novice cook or an accomplished chef, our kitchen ovens suit every skillset and every space - from single ovens ideal for smaller kitchens to double ovens perfect for rustling up dinner party banquets. Master new flavours and cook up a storm with our range of electric ovens.

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Turn Dirt & Grease to ash - Save time scrubbing and make cleaning effortless with our ovens featuring Pyrolytic cleaning.






Discover our best rated Pyrolytic Self Cleaning 8000 Series Oven with AssistedCooking, choose from a built in recipe collection allowing you to precisely prepare any meal with ease.

The new way to cook

Explore a new world of cooking with AEG steam ovens. By introducing steam to the cooking process, you can create healthier and more delicious meals than ever before.

Best In Range

9000 SteamPro

Create exceptional meals at home with the SteamPro oven. Heat, steam or a combination of both. With even sous-vide possible, why compromise on an oven that doesn't live up to your standards?

Our Most Popular Product

7000 SteamCrisp®

Take your dishes to the next level with the SteamCrisp oven. Heat is enhanced by the introduction of steam - producing a crisp golden outside with a juicy, succulent inside.

Steam oven feature overview

Cook with the full power of steam and go pro at home with the addition of sous-vide.
  • Sous-vide
  • Fruit, vegetables and fish
  • Poultry and meat
  • Bread, muffins and pies
  • Steam Cleaning function
Roast, bake, stew, grill and steam with the oven’s advanced steam programmes.
  • Fruit, vegetables and fish
  • Poultry and meat
  • Bread, muffins and pies
  • Steam Cleaning function
Baking and roasting steam programmes enhance the flavours and textures of meals for healthy dishes.
  • Poultry and meat
  • Bread, muffins and pies
  • Pyrolytic Cleaning function
An additional steam setting that adds an even, golden crunch to all your breads and bakes.
  • Bread, muffins and pies

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Discover exceptional baking, grilling, roasting and steaming with AEG ovens. Find the right oven for your needs with our buying guide!​