Discover incredible baking, grilling and roasting with a multifunction oven from AEG. Whether you're a novice cook or an accomplished chef, our kitchen ovens suit every skillset and every space - from single ovens ideal for smaller kitchens to double ovens perfect for rustling up dinner party banquets. Master new flavours and cook up a storm with our range of electric ovens.

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Perfect results with the food sensor

Thanks to the Food Sensor of this oven you can measure the core temperature from the center of your dish during the cooking process. So you get the perfect results every time.

Food Sensor

  • Use the FoodSensor to tell the oven how you want your dish cooked – using just the words you would in a restaurant – rare, medium, well done.

Take your cooking the extra distance

Baking is both an art and a science. When creating your own masterpieces use steam to add that finishing touch. With just one push of a button on your multifunction oven with SteamBake, you can add just the right amount of steam to your baking.



  • Adds steam at the beginning of the baking process
  • Makes sure that bakes rise a little bit higher
  • Gives your bakes that final touch with extra moisture

Finishing touch with steam

Forget previous rules - use steam instead. When preparing fish and meat with SteamBoost, the steam you use when cooking will make sure that the result is wonderfully tender. The steam will preserve the natural colours of your ingredients. 


  • Explore new and intensive flavours with SteamBoost
  • Works the same way as a traditional oven, with the added benefit of steam
  • Locks in the natural moisture to deliver a whole range of juicy and succulent dishes

Cleaning made effortless 

Save time scrubbing and make cleaning effortless with our ovens featuring Pyrolytic cleaning.

Pyrolytic Cleaning

Pyrolytic Cleaning

  • With one touch of the Pyrolytic cleaning function, dirt, grease and food residue in the oven is converted into ash that you can easily wipe off with a damp cloth.

Why deal with degrees

Order from your SteamPro oven with command wheel the way you would at a restaurant. Select rare, medium or well done to enjoy perfect results at home without ever dealing with degrees. Why compromise on an oven that doesn't live up to your standards. 

Discover SteamPro Oven

Why Cook with Steam?

Because you always pursue excellence, even in your cuisine. And steam cooking is one of the best ways to seal in flavour, help eliminate the need to cook with extra fats and oils, and is one of the best ways to preserve the nutrients in your food. AEG steam cooking technology assures your dishes are cooked at a constant temperature, and that they do not dry out, or worse burn. So you easily get the healthy and delectable meals you want.

Steamify® – welcome to the next level of delicious

The AEG Steamify® function is the cooking companion that helps automatically add just the right amount of steam to your cooking. With Steamify® there is no need to worry if you are adding too little or too much steam. By cooking with Steamify® by AEG your food will reach the upper heights of both healthy and appetising.
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Always get succulent and juicy results

Your dishes are lip-smackingly brought to the next level by the 7000 SteamCrisp® Oven. It easily adds steam to usual oven heat, so that your roast come out succulent, vegetables stay juicy, and they all come out crispy.
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4.9 (74 Reviews)

Introducing your new sous chef. Your new tool in the search for the juiciest rack of lamb, the most tender fillet of salmon.

  • Food Sensor
  • Self cleaning pyrolytic
  • Soft Closing Door
  • LCD display

4.3 (99 Reviews)

The golden brown on a potato gratin. The deep crust on a fillet of beef. The moist depths of a rich chocolate cake. Achieving even results time after time demands precisely controlled heat, distributed consistently throughout your oven.

  • Catalytic Cleaning
  • Hot Air
  • LCD touch-control display

4.8 (8 Reviews)

In addition to all your standard oven functions, the PlusSteam button in this SteamBake oven adds steam at the beginning of the baking process.

  • Food Sensor
  • Pyrolytic Self-Cleaning
  • Hor Air
  • LCD Display
  • Child Lock

Find the oven that matches your cooking

Whether you are looking for an oven that makes everyday cooking easier or one for the most ambitious cuisine, AEG has a perfect match for you and your favourite dishes.


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