Discover the perfect tumble dryer to safely take care of your clothes. Whatever your wash type, our expert technology gives you the right result every time. Each clothes dryer is expertly made with outstanding efficiency to work on big or small loads. Control the movement and temperature of your laundry with an integrated tumble dryer and keep your clothes feeling great. 

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The wool sweater guardian

Silk. Wool. Outdoor garments. Now you can tumble dry everything you wash with complete confidence. Only the AEG  AbsoluteCare® System features bespoke programmes for all fabrics that achieve great results and ensure no harm comes to your wardrobe.

8000 Series tumble dryer with AbsoluteCare®

  • AbsoluteCare® System with intelligent drum movements and temperature adjustments for ultimate care of your clothes
  • SensiDry® technology gives you a gentle and energy efficient drying at lower temperatures
  • ProSense® technology automatically adjusts time and energy consumption to suit any load size

Do tumble dry

Forget the rules with AbsoluteCare and tumble dry everything you wash (yes, even that wool sweater). Without worrying about shrinkage or damage. Why compromise on how you do laundry that doesn't live up to your life.

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4.3 (42 Reviews)

Clothes that are exposed to too much heat and motion simply will not last. Our ProSense® Technology tumble dryers fine-tune cycles to ensure that they take the minimum time necessary with no over-drying.

  • ProSense
  • ProTex gentle drum

4.6 (7 Reviews)

Your knitwear, cotton tees, business shirts – the clothes you wear day in, day out – need special care to keep them feeling special. Using low temperatures without extending drying times, AEG SensiDry® Technology ensures that garments are never subjected to unnecessary heat. Helping to ensure that the clothes you wear often look and feel like new, every day.

  • SensiDry
  • ProSense
  • ÖKOFlow
  • ProTex

4.8 (12 Reviews)

Dryers with the AbsoluteCare® System have tailored programming to precisely control the movement and temperature of the drying cycle. Preventing shrinkage.

  • AbsoluteCare
  • SensiDry
  • ProSense
  • ÖKOFlow

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In this section you will be able to find tips on what to consider when buying a tumble dryer and the explanation of our key technologies. It will help you make the right choice for better care of your clothes!

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