Choose the ideal AEG fridge freezer for your lifestyle - one with a large freezer compartment to store food cooked in bulk or a spacious fridge cavity to fill with fresh fruit and veg. With our double cooling TwinTech® technology, your items will stay fresher for longer whether you opt for a small unit or an undercounter option. Discover a fridge freezer that matches your everyday with AEG.

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Get the AEG app and configure your fridge to keep your ingredients in perfect condition.
  • MultiChill 0°C​
  • Food Programs
  • GreenZone
  • ColdSense
  • NoFrost
Multiple air channels deliver consistent cooling and efficient vents restore coldness for fast protection.
  • Cooling360
  • Right humidity
  • Sealed drawer with managed environment​
  • Stable temperature
Eat more nourishing by preserving up to 95% of vitamins and benefits of fruits and vegetables in GreenZone.
  • Right humidity
  • Sealed drawer with managed enviroment
  • Stable temperature
Food is kept 60% juicier, hydrated and protected from drying out thanks to intelligent full no frost.
  • Right ​humidity​
  • Stable temperature
Ingredients keep their quality over time with reactive cold sensors that maintain the right temperature.
  • Stable temperature

Optimal food storage with MultiChill 0°C

MultiChill 0°C offers multiple temperature zones to protect food quality with precision. The convertible drawer can be set from -3 to+5 degrees depending on whether you need it for cold cuts & cheese, chilling drinks, or frozen items.

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Discover MultiChill 0°C

MaxiSpace - taller, wider, 45% more storage capacity

Thanks to MaxiSpace, you get 45% more capacity than a standard Fridge Freezer.* It’s taller and wider than regular refrigerators, offering plenty of space for numerous items.

*Compared to standard size fridge freezers.

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Discover MaxiSpace

Why settle for fresh? Protect food with precision. Responsibly.

Our new built-in fridges are optimized to protect what matters - your food, your health, and the planet - by offering intelligent temperature and humidity controls and dedicated environments for different food in sealed compartments.

  • Sustainable solutions for better living

    We minimize our environmental impact by reducing CO2 emissions by up to 20%* compared to previous models, increasing usage of conscious, recyclable materials and producing fridges in a zero landfill factory.

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    *CO2 Impact from materials, process and usage. Energy impact compared to entry level energy class F as evaluated by Universita Pollitecnica delle Marche.

  • Raising the bar in performance

    Top quality and performance by providing up to 45%* bigger capacity with MaxiSpace, quiet products, energy efficiency through advanced parallel cooling technology and the fastest installation on the market.​

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    *Compared to own standard size fridge freezer.

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    Designed for living - Designed to last

    We are AEG. We exist to redefine what you expect out of your household appliances, which is why we want to challenge the boundaries of everyday life. Since our start in Berlin in 1887, we've never settled for good enough. We believe in responsible innovations that stand out today and help build a better tomorrow.

High quality fresh vegetables cut up and presented

Choose Taste, Not Waste.

Choose a fridge freezer that makes sure your groceries are preserved for longer to maintain their flavour and freshness - Our fridge freezers with TwinTech® technology use a double cooling system to make sure humidity and temperature levels are always ideal for both the fridge and freezer separately.

Fridge freezer with TwinTech® technology

  • TwinTech® keeps air and humidity at the ideal level in order to ensure that your groceries are kept fresh
  • Air is distributed evenly for consistent temperature in the whole fridge
  • No need for defrosting

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Find the right fridge-freezer to suit your cooking and shopping needs. Choose between larger freezer cavity or a roomier fridge compartment.