Wash Without Fear


It’s time to care more for the garments that mean something to us. Trust AEG washing machines and tumble dryers to keep your clothes feeling like new - even those one-of-a-kind pieces that are more than just fabric. Our laundry machines provide incredible gentleness and superb washing and drying results so you can wash and dry - without fear.


Find new confidence to wash even your most delicate clothes with AEG's laundry range. We've combined consumer insight and science to deliver an experience beyond cleaning. A revolutionary new way to care for clothes by protecting fibres, colours and textures. Wash without fear.


When it comes to caring for your favourite clothes, there should be no need for compromise. Especially when it comes to colour. Our 9000 Series washing machines are designed to deliver the thorough clean of a 60-degree wash at just 30 degrees. This, together with the power of our SoftWater Technology, puts less strain on colours, so your brights stay brighter for longer. 

SoftWater Technology

The pioneering SoftWater Technology eliminates the impurities in water that can be harsh on fabrics. Detergents mix more effectively with water to deliver thorough cleaning at low temperatures. Colours keep their intensity wash after wash and black won't fade to grey.


Quality clothes are made to be worn, but everyday pieces need care to maintain their condition. Whether you wash one shirt or a full load, AEG washing machines will adjust the cycle accordingly, reducing wear and tear by taking the minimum amount of time, water and energy necessary for a thorough clean. Keeping clothes looking their best. Every wear, every wash.

Your favourite pieces need to be treated gently to ensure their quality remains timeless, no matter how often you wear them. For the first time ever, ÖKOMix Technology in AEG washing machines guarantees that every fibre is cleaned and cared for, even in shorter cycles. Every thread. Every stitch. Expertly protected.

Imagine a washing machine that you can trust to keep your colours as vibrant and blacks as bold as the day you bought them. At last, there is no need to compromise performance for care. Because for the first time ever, you’ll achieve the thorough clean of a 60-degree wash at just 30 degrees. Maintaining the colour, shape and feel of every garment. Wash after wash. It’s more than a washing machine. It’s the guardian of your clothes.


Tumble drying shouldn’t be associated with anxiety. With our innovative technologies you can tumble dry garments you never thought possible - outdoor wear, wool and even silk. Trust AEG tumble dryers to keep your clothes feeling like new. Dry without fear.


Dare to dry wool. Our Woolmark accredited 8000 series tumble dryers come with our unique AbsoluteCare® System, a tailored program that precisely controls the movement and temperature of the drying drum. Delicate woolens retain their shape and texture - no shrinkage, guaranteed.


Ready your outdoor wear for any challenge with AEG's AbsoluteCare® System. The 8000 Series includes an innovative outdoor programme with precise time and fine temperature control to restore the water protection of the waterproof membrane on outdoor fabrics better than air drying — for functionality you can rely on.

AbsoluteCare® System

Dare to dry clothing you never thought you could — even your softest wool sweater. Our Woolmark accredited tumble dryers come with our unique AbsoluteCare® System, a tailored program that precisely controls the movement and temperature of the drying drum. Delicate woollens with 'hand wash only' care labels are kept flat against the drum during rotations to replicate flat drying. 


Clothes that are exposed to too much heat and motion simply will not last. Our ProSense® Technology tumble dryers fine-tune cycles to ensure that they take the minimum time necessary with no over-drying. So your everyday pieces are dried efficiently, monitored constantly and cared for, cycle after cycle.

Your knitwear, cotton tees, business shirts – the clothes you wear day in, day out – need special care to keep them feeling special. Using low temperatures without extending drying times, AEG SensiDry® Technology ensures that garments are never subjected to unnecessary heat. Helping toensure that the clothes you wear often look and feel like new, every day.

Now you can tumble dry everything you wash. From the softest wool sweater to an everyday business shirt or ski jacket. Dryers with the AbsoluteCare® System have tailored programming to precisely control the movement and temperature of the drying cycle. Preventing shrinkage*. Maintaining shape. Restoring waterproofing. Redefining tumble drying for every fabric in your wardrobe. * Comparable with flat drying of wool