Buying Guide - Washer Dryer


Washer Dryer Dimensions

If you're short on space, you may want to consider a two-in-one washer dryer. Get all the convenience of separate machines without sacrificing the space. There are two kinds of washer dryers: integrated and free-standing. Integrated, or built-in, units are covered with panelling when installed so the unit blends in with enviroments like your kitchen. 

Washer Dryer Capacity

Washer dryers have two capacities. The drying capacity is slightly smaller than the washing capacity because drying clothes requires more space for air to circulate. Factors to be considered when looking at capacity:
Household size: large families versus single
Habits: how many times a week do you wash?
Type and size of wash items: For example: bedlinens, duvets, and curtains will require a larger drum for the best results. 

All AEG washer dryers are equipped with ProSense technology. ProSense uses advanced humidity and temperature sensors to adjust energy consumption for loads large and small. This saves time and money and ensures your clothes are protected.  


With the My AEG Care App, connect your laundry appliances to your phone for a smarter, faster way to care for your wash. Simply open the app and choose the temperature, fabric type and colour. And the app will tailor a program in response. For customized laundry care - all from your smartphone. 

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2-in-1 programmes

Use wash-to-dry programmes to handle small loads efficiently so that you can have ready-to-wear results on-demand with one seamless process.


There is no such thing as "one-size-fits-all" laundry. Different people - and different fabrics - have different needs. That's why our washer dryers feature a range of programmes:

  • Black delicates

    Safely clean and dry delicates and wool in one process.

  • White shirt

    Reduce creases from dry clothes or to refresh and remove odours. 

  • Pile of clothes

    Specially developed for the needs of allergy sufferers. 

  • Houdini jacket

    The DualSense® Technology outdoor programme protects technical fabrics to preserve their texture over time. A dedicated drying cycle restores water repellency. 


Woolmark certification is a stamp of approval from the Woolmark Company. That means that all of our AEG washer dryers are gentle enough for wool and delicates - in both the washing and the drying cycles. 

It´s your complete wardrobe guardian

It´s the washer dryer you´ve been waiting for. A world-first. The only truly streamlined solution for your clothing. Able to dry everything you wash in one go, the pioneering ÖKOKombi with first-to-market SensiDry® Technology consolidates the care of your complete wardrobe. 

The most advanced system from AEG tailores the programme to different fabrics - whether silk, delicates, woollens or outdoor wear - and harnesses its advanced heat pump technology for low temperatures and controlled drum movements. Ensuring that everything you own is thoroughly and evenly washed and dried, every item preserved. Giving you complete confidence that your clothing will retain its shape and condition, wear after wear. It´s the guardian of your wardrobe. 

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    SensiDry® Technology

    Gentle and energy efficient drying at lower temperatures. 

  • Holding butterfly icon
    DualSense® Technology

    Allows to safely wash and dry even delicates and hand-wash only woollens.

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    ProSense® Technology

    Automatically adjusts time, water and energy consumption to suit any load size. 

SensiDry® Technology

Reduces the drying temperature almost by half - reducing damage and wear, and maintaining the texture of your fabrics. 

Save up to 40% more energy and water

Our world-first heat pump washer dryer, features a pioneering SensiDry® Technology. 

ÖKOKombi harnesses an unsurpassed knowledge of fabric for the most effective and economical programmes. Translating into a saving of up to 40% energy and water in every cycle when compared to other machines. 

Washer dryer on pedestal

Dry everything you wash in one go

Load the machine in the morning and empty it after work - your best outfit clean, dry and ready for a night out. Tailored temperatures and movements mean that everything from delicates and outdoor wear can be carefully washed and dried in one go. Every machine features a Wash & Dry mode button for non-stop programmes allowing you to wash and dry your clothes in one go - without compromises.

From dry to dry in just three hours

The NonStop 3h/3kg programme takes just three hours to wash and dry loads of up to 3kg. Meaning ready-to-wear results on-demand with one seamless dry to dry process. The most convenient way to care for clothes - without compromise.

Introducing your classics defender

Classics stand the test of time, outlive trends and provide an integrated solution for looking sharp. The same as the new Kombi washer dryer with ÖKOMix Technology.

It´s the only machine on the market that pre-mixes detergents and softener separately in water before they enter the drum. Meaning they are activated before they reach fabrics, preparing clothes for the most thorough clean and the most even dry. Resulting in every fibre being reached. And every fibe receiving complete protection. All in one go. And all in less time thanks to the ÖKOPower NonStop 4h/5kg programme that washes and dries 5kg in four hours. Allow us to introduce you to the defender of your classics.

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    ÖKOMix Technology

    Unique pre-mixing of detergent, softener and water to reach every fibre. 

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    DualSense® Technology

    Allows to safely wash and dry even delicates and hand-wash only woollens. 

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    ProSense® Technology

    Automatically adjusts time, water and energy consumption to suit any load size.

Blue and white shirt


Pre-mixing detergents and softener results in a more efficient distribution - ensuring that every fibre is reached. This means that they reach and care for every part of the clothes ensuring each fibre is thoroughly cleaned and perfectly protected and prepared for the most even dry.

The best protection. In shorter cycles. No compromise.

Our ÖKOPower NonStop 4h/5kg programme offers the most efficient washing and drying cycles in the shortest time possible. Designed for daily loads and able to wash and dry 5kg in four hours, it represents the most economical performance available on the market today, saving both time and energy. With excellent results expected every time you switch it on. 

Meet the performance wear protector

Some fabrics - waterproofs, woollens - require specialist care. Which is where the intelligent system in our new Kombi washer dryer comes in. 

Drawing on the best DualSense Technology, it tailors the temperature and motion of the drum to different materials. Unlike other machines, the programme is adjusted accordingly to the specific load, so that everything from textured jackets to soft jumpers can be carefully washed, dried and cared for in one go. 

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    DualSense® Technology

    Allows to safely wash and dry even delicates and hand-wash only woollens. 

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    ProSense® Technology

    Automatically adjusts time, water and energy consumption to suit any load size.

  • 1h/1kg circle icon
    60 minute programme

    Wash and dry your clothes in just 60 minutes.

DualSense® Technology

Our DualSense® Technology tailors the machine’s programme to your fabrics – whether delicates, woollens or outdoor wear. So that everything from textured outdoor wear to soft jumpers can be carefully washed, dried and cared for in one go. Enjoy the convenience of an integrated and complete treatment.

Orange fabric

A complete treatment for outdoor wear. In one go.

Without proper care, outdoor wear can become worn and lose its functionality. With DualSense® functionality can be retained and restored - from water repellency to breathability. Meet the protector of your performance wear.

Cares twice as effectively*

ProSense® Technology adjusts time, water and energy consumption to the size of the load, even if it is just a single shirt of your entire weekly laundry. This is thanks to specific sensors that will intelligently control the cycle settings and take care that your clothes are only washed for the exact amount of time needed. This ensures that fabrics suffer less wear and tear, maintaining colour and texture for longer. 

*Test performed by Ritex in December 2015 (no. 15CR00099)

Wash and dry even your handwash-only woollens and delicates

This washer dryer is the only machine on the market to feature Woolmark Blue Certification for both washing and drying processes, able to safely wash and dry even the most delicate fabrics such as handwash-only woollens. Similarly, our programmes handle delicates such as viscose and acrylic sensitively, so that they also retain their shape. Fabrics given the specific care they require.