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PureQ9 Home and car kit simplifies the above the floor cleaning with it’s innovative flex hose system


Flexhouse Solution

Flex hose for easy reach and maneuverability. The flex hose solution for easy reach and maneuverability. The 58 cm - 120 cm stretchable suction hose gives excellent handling in above floor cleaning. Allowing you to dust in-between flower pots, vases or underneath your car seat.

Delicate Dusting Brush

The delicate dusting brush helps you to clean your shelves in your home or the panels in your car. Gentle and thorough cleaning of furniture and sensitive objects.

Long Crevice

The 27 cm long crevice allows you to reach areas you haven’t reached before. Helping you to reach below the washing machine or in-between the car seats

Small Dusting Brush

Small dusting brush to use on the crevice and direct on the flex hose for small areas


1 x Flex hose 1 x Long crevice 1 x Delicate dusting brush 1 x Small dusting brush



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