Product Details

Your home & car extension kit - The tools that give you added reach and flexibility when cleaning. Ideal for car and home cleaning, reaching all ceilings and corners, high heights and the smallest cracks in your home and car.


Flexible hose

The set is equipped with a flexible hose, which allows you to reach to every corner of your home and car. This also makes cleaning easier, e.g. on cupboards, shelves or under sofas, all the nooks and corners in your house and car.

Upholstery Nozzle

The set also offers a nozzle for upholstery that removes hair, lint and fibers. Wider surface area for faster less effort and faster cleaning.

Long crevice

The set contains a flat, long crevice nozzle, which efficiently removes dust and particles in narrow places such as under and between furniture, tight gaps in your car and other hard to reach areas. It also enables you to reach all high up areas with ceilings up to 2.40 m high, e.g. vacuum cobwebs.


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