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Toolless installation for side hinged window types, for faster and more energy efficient cooling of the room.
Fast fit clamps and extendable fabric side covers allow for quick and easy installation. Designed to keep warm air out saving up to 28% energy and cooling the room up to 50% faster.


Energy saving

Save up to 28% of energy* when cooling the room by sealing cool air in and keeping warm air out.

*Where room T° is 26°C and set T° is 20°C, you will save up to 28% of energy to reach your set temperature when using the window kit compared to without a window kit. Internal test done with an AEG 9K, A rated model, in a 14m2 room, with relative humidity level of 60% and outdoor T° of 30°C, within a timespan of 4h30min.

Faster cooling and heating

Reach your set temperature in less than 50% of the time* with the new window kit (compared with a standard window kit/hose out the window).

*Where room T° is 26°C and set T° is 24°C, you will reach the set T° in 19 min when using the window kit, compared to 47 min without the window kit. Internal test done in a 14m2 room, with relative humidity level of 60% and outdoor T° of 30°C. Tested with AEG 9K, A rated model.

Fast, tool-free installation

The innovative window kit design allows for a quick & seamless installation & dismantling without the use of any tools or tape.

Highly adjustable & adaptable

With highly adjustable telescopic seal plates, fabric panels & retractable clamps, the window kit is designed to fit side hinged windows with different widths and heights. Compatible with any portable AC that uses a 15cm diameter hose.


Suited to all portable air conditioner units with a round 15cm diameter exhaust hose



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