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AEG's AirFry tray delivers perfectly crisp roasted vegetables and crunchy French fries using less oil. Designed with precisely placed holes, it offers optimised air circulation. For evenly cooked food.


Crispy results in one go. No turning required

The optimised air circulation of the AirFry tray removes the need to turn food. Create crispy French fries or tasty vegetables without any need to adjust during cooking.

Larger dishes in one go

The AirFry tray allows for larger quantities of food to be cooked in one go, with improved air circulation. Whether catering for a dinner party of perfecting a new recipe. It's the answer to consistent results.

The optimal cooking tool. For any XXL oven

The AirFry tray can be used with any XXL oven to achieve ideal frying results. Use the Pizza or True Fan Cooking function for a crisp finish to all your favourite dishes.



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