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In addition to your standard cooker functions, SteamBake adds steam while baking. This keeps dough moist inside while adding a tasty crust. And beyond bread, muffins and pies, your roasted chicken and lasagne will also love steam.


SteamBake. The secret to better baking

SteamBake lets you achieve bakery-style results in your own home, at the push of a button. Humidity allows dough to rise fully, creating soft insides with rich, crispy crusts. And try it for amazing roasted chicken or flaky fish.

Quick to heat, easy to clean

This ceramic hob heats up extra quickly, providing full heat exactly when and where it's needed. What's more, the hob's ceramic glass surface wipes clean in an instant.

Catalytic Cleaning. A spotless oven without effort

The Catalytic Cleaning feature prevents dirt and grease from building up in the oven. This self-cleaning technology automatically activates when the temperature reaches 250°C and removes cooking residue. No scrubbing needed.

Sophisticated. Matt Black Design

A distinctive Matt Black Design finish imparts a beautiful and sophisticated look. Create gorgeous dishes while looking great. Perfect for kitchens that value design.

Stop guessing. Plug in the Food Sensor

The Food Sensor can measure the core temperature from the centre of your dish during the cooking process. It removes the guesswork so you can achieve perfect results every time.



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