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Our Vacuum Sealer Drawer lets you apply the professional SousVide cooking method at home, perfectly sealing in the flavour, moisture and nutrients


High-quality results guaranteed - even for meals prepared in advance

Prepare and seal the ingredients for your meal when it suits you best. You can be confident that freshness and flavour will be perfectly preserved until you cook it.

Preserve the very best in your food's taste and texture

Preserve more moisture and enhance the infusion of flavouring ingredients when cooking in a SousVide oven, by using the Vacuum Sealer drawer to seal and store food.

Because the finest ingredients deserve the very best preservation method

Preserve the freshness of ingredients up to three times longer than with refrigeration storage by professionally vacuum-sealing them.

Less time, more flavour

Recreate authentic flavours from around the world with a fraction of the traditional marinating time. Place your food and spices inside the vacuum sealer drawer, close the lid and push the button. This special function is carefully developed to drastically reduce marinating times, enabling you to produce mouthwatering flavours with distinctive depth.


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