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With some effort from you, our Microplastic Filter helps reduce the amount of microplastic fibres that enter the laundry wastewater when washing synthetic clothing.


Catch up to 90% of microplastic fibres >45 microns released by synthetic clothing*

Washing machines can’t stop synthetic clothing from releasing microplastic fibres when you wash them. But our Microplastic Filter helps prevent microplastic fibres released from your synthetic clothing from entering the laundry wastewater.

*Filtration capacity measured using an internal test method with polycotton and polyester blend materials in the 40°C Synthetics cycle.

Must be securely installed on your wall.

Screws to install the Microplastic Filter securely to a wall next to the washing machine are included. There is no need to plug it into an electrical outlet since it is powered by water pressure.

Does not disrupt your laundry routine.

When the Microplastic Filter should be cleaned, the indicator will turn on. If the indicator turns on during a washing cycle, the cycle can be completed, and the Microplastic Filter can be cleaned before the next wash.*

*When indicating it needs cleaning, the Microplastic Filter will be bypassed and no microplastic fibres will be filtered.

Regular cleaning keeps it performing optimally.

With regular cleaning the Microplastic Filter will continue to perform optimally until it’s time to replace the cartridge. It comes with a complimentary cleaning brush. Dispose of the collected microplastic fibres in the proper bin.

At least 50% of all plastic in the Microplastic Filter is recycled

At least 50% of all plastic in the Microplastic Filter is from recycled sources.



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