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The Ultrasonic Stain-Remover Pen targets tough stains - from ink to coffee - by pre-treating clothes before they're even in the wash. Apply it to the problem area. Let the water and detergent with ultrasound technology get to work. Then wash for impressive results across a range of fabrics.


Ultrasound technology. For cleaner results

With the Ultrasonic Stain-Remover Pen, clothes emerge cleaner after washing cycles. From ink stains to drink spillages, ultrasound technology takes care of them. Simply pre-treat each stain with the pen and expect effective results.

Pre-treat for effective washing

Treat stains with the Ultrasonic Stain-Remover Pen before washing for better results. From ink to coffee. Lipstick to makeup. All thanks to the best in ultrasound technology. For confidence in cleaner clothes at the end of every cycle.

Tough on stains. Delicate on fabrics

The Ultrasonic Stain-Remover Pen takes better care of garments than handwashing. Reduced friction keeps damage to a minimum. All while getting clothes cleaner when in the wash. Tough on stains. Gentle on fabrics.



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